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Marshal Villars -> Arnhem Added Mechanics/Rules Work? (5/7/2012 10:45:13 PM)


Have there been any new mechanics/rules work and/or fixes with the Arnhem expansion for BFTB?

Arjuna -> RE: Arnhem Added Mechanics/Rules Work? (5/7/2012 11:48:52 PM)

The HTTR Ex Pack requires the latest Patch #3 to the Cmd Ops BFTB game. This incorporated a number of fixes and improvements. Check out the thread for it. There have been no further patches. We are working on one at the moment though. However, it won't be ready for a while. This will fix a few things that subsequent testing and user feedback have identified. I'll advise details closer to the release.

Marshal Villars -> RE: Arnhem Added Mechanics/Rules Work? (5/8/2012 4:08:02 PM)

Thanks Arjuna. Great work. As usual.

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