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Q-Ball -> RE: may 4 - 14 (11/18/2012 2:57:54 AM)

What date is it in this one? From what I can tell, you are doing very well.....and he's really behind

KenchiSulla -> RE: may 4 - 14 (11/18/2012 9:55:34 AM)

Hi Q-Ball,

I always post the game date in the post header. It is now may 14th.

The Japanese are behind. He lost a lot of groundtroops in raids I conducted. The allies have lost quite a few surface ships but it was worth it. We are talking around 700-800 squads disabled/destroyed in sea battles and air strikes (reducing for example the 21st division in Sumatra to around 150 AV. That really hurts the early expansion as Japan is always short on good offensive units.

The Japanese player could have done a lot better with proper surface and air cover, no doubt...

Dennis will have to take Palembang as soon as possible. He is committing at least two more divisions to Sumatra (making the total 4). It will take him the better part of the month june due to ground he has to cover and the well entrenched, well supplied 600 AV I have got there.

After that he will have his hands free (read the ground forces) to move on northern Australia, Ceylon, South Pacific, expand in Burma (he just holds the clear hexes, not a position I would like to find myself as the Japanese player during a counter offensive). but it will be june/july...

I am starting to plan small offensive action of my own so it could get interesting soon...

KenchiSulla -> may 15 - 27 (12/1/2012 9:20:10 AM)

Palembang has lost half its AV after a series of assaults. It is expected to fall soon.

Will the Japanese keep expanding or will they start to dig in for the coming storm?

Game is slow paced atm due to various other commitments of my opponent. Expect it to pick up again second half of december.

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