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KenchiSulla -> december 24 III : The Davao situation.. (5/17/2012 11:46:26 AM)


The Davao situation sketched out



While force Z celebrates it's succes, British Borneo is about to be invaded. With the brave british cruisers detected, there is nothing in position to attempt to stop them. To many cruisers, carriers and torpedo bombers this time. I have set the B17s on Java to rest and prepare for bombing runs to slow down airfield construction..


Navy A6M2s sweep Rangoon and lose two experienced pilots for a couple of Buffaloes shot down...The layered CAP (15k Buffaloes, 20k H81s and 25k H81s) is working quite well. Wondering how long it will take him to transfer a full group of experts to the area....

KenchiSulla -> december 25 (5/17/2012 5:57:18 PM)

Merry Christmas!


Troops land at Miri and Brunei. Both bases are expected to fall next turn. I am re-arranging the dutch airforce, supported by B17s from the Philippines. I'll set up Balikpapan as a forward B17 base (for as long as it will last) to enable airfield bombing of Brunei at normal range. It will also bring Davao in range of the B17s just in case the evil Japanese empire decides to use it as an anchorage.


Rabaul falls. KB went missing (refueling?). I am shipping Pioneers and a USMC regiment to Noumea, the other regiment will deploy on the Fiji's.


Manilla will fall tommorow. I'v got around 850 AV at Clark and 600 at Bataan digging in. Attempting to withdraw another PA division stuck on northern Luzon but it might be cut off.


The IJA is slowly pushing for Singapore. I am slowly building up fort and garrisson in Singapore but I am not withdrawing everything. Using the Ghurka brigade and several battalions to slow the advance. The Ghurka's have held off IJA assaults for 3 days now.

KenchiSulla -> december 26 and 27 (5/18/2012 9:30:11 AM)


No shocking developments in the area. Rabaul is secured by the Japanese (144th regiment) and the troop convoys return to what I assume is Truk. KB is not sighted... Refueling probably.

I now have a marine regiment inbound Suva and one inbound Noumea, with supporting engineers. Also the first big fuel convoy from Los Angeles is moving towards Australia.


Miri falls and the airfield is bombed by 18 B17s in a coordinated strike. Soerabaja is a level 4 airfield so sadly they only bring half the bombload.. Nates rise to defend but do not cause problems for the bombers. I'll keep up the strikes for now.

Fuel is being ferried to Perth and some to Darwin. Most of the freighters are now evacuated, small ones to Perth and further south and the bigger ships to Cape Town. Absolutely trying to limit losses to the big freighters!


The Ghurka brigade is finally pushed out of the way and consequently bombed in the clear. Losses are heavy and the boys try to make for Singapore. I'll see how it goes but if the AV of most north of Mersing is dropping to 100 I'll move the Australians from Mersing to Singapore as cutting off the Peninsula wouldn't be important..

USS Seal

A for effort, F for result. After expending all (!) torpedoes (100% duds) on a damaged freighter Seal empties the deck gun on the poor Japanese merchantment.... The vessel burns but no cigar....

Seal retires to rearm at Soerabaja....

KenchiSulla -> december 28 (5/21/2012 3:22:12 PM)


KB appears 5 hexes ENE of Noumea and sinks two tankers, a cargoship and two small Australian escort vessels. This could have been very bad as I have several ships inbound Noumea (marines and baseforces). The troops are rerouted to Suva (where I have better patrol plane coverage) ready to head back east if needed.


Brunei falls... We spot a lot of construction units there making me think he'll try to build up the airbase there or move those troops to Miri over land to prevent spoilage (build up torpedo plane base).. Either way we'll keep bombing both airbases for as long as we can. I got around 10 B17Ds in the pool in case we start taking losses.

Palembang has 32k + supplies now. The base should hold out for a while. My hope is the troops will damage oil facilities before surrender in case of an assault.

Silent service

A working torpedo! Glugluglug!

Sub attack near Cam Ranh Bay at 64,74

Japanese Ships
xAK Ryoyo Maru, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage
xAK Fukko Maru
xAK Neikai Maru
xAK Awazisan Maru
PB Shonon Maru #10
PB Shuko Maru #2

Allied Ships
SS Stingray

SS Stingray launches 2 torpedoes at xAK Ryoyo Maru

KenchiSulla -> december 29 (5/22/2012 5:50:53 AM)


KB still lingers at Noumea. A french AMC that attempted an intercept (sacrificed so I could get the merchants in port out, merchants I forgot to evacuate...) is bombed into oblivion during the day phase.

It looks like KB is free to roam while follow up forces are being loaded by Dennis.


A fuel loaded merchantman is torpedoed north of Miri. Most probably he is attempting to prevent spoilage.. Fuel loaded vessels sink so easily..

Submarine attack near Miri at 64,86

Japanese Ships
xAK Mogamigawa Maru, Torpedo hits 1, heavy fires, heavy damage

Allied Ships


What seems to be a Japanese division is closing in on Moulmein. I am setting up a defensive perimiter, north of Moulmein behind the river. Two battalions up to reinforced regiment strength.

Rangoon is visited by A6M2s. This time I stood down one of the Flying tiger squadrons. The other squadron takes heavy losses.. All are stood down for now..

KenchiSulla -> december 30 (5/23/2012 9:58:48 PM)

A rather quiet turn, but just to keep you informed..


KB is moving back north in the direction of Rabaul passing east of Luganville, possibly hoping to catch some shipping in that area (?)


Miri is bombed by 12 B-17s doing light damage. This time intercepted by Oscars. KXIV puts a small torpedo into an xAK carrying troops, probably inbound Miri. Damage is reported to be heavy but she might make it.


Putting up delaying actions in Malaya is not as succesful as I hoped it to be. Troops are swepped aside quite easily. By the looks have it i'll be able to collect around 600 AV in Singapore for my final stand.

KenchiSulla -> december 31 I (5/25/2012 10:41:35 AM)

At years close I would like to show my (prepared and underway) defenses for Malaysia and the DEI.

Malayan peninsular and Sumatra overview

Overview of most important defenses:


KenchiSulla -> december 31 II (5/25/2012 10:54:10 AM)


Some choices to make very soon..


KenchiSulla -> december 31 III (5/25/2012 10:55:57 AM)

Silent service

3 (Three!) working torpedoes today for the US Navy.. 3 xAKs are hit, one confirmed sunk, one heavy damage, heavy fires (carrying fuel) and one heavy damage...

KenchiSulla -> january 1 and 2 (5/26/2012 7:36:38 AM)


Kates and Betties launch attacks against "Force Cornwall" severely damaging two light cruisers, a heavy cruiser and sinking CL Dragon outright.... Accuracy was devastating and I'll be very lucky if the damaged light cruisers survive...

I didn't think the force was detected but the Light carriers were right in striking range..Perhaps Dennis was trying to cover inbound troop transports to the Philippines. Withdrawing the remaining ships to Soerabaja. The severely damaged light cruisers are limping to Soerabaja for emergency repairs and firefighting support.



KB unspotted. I have got better coverage now, up to 16 hexes north of Noumea so I hope I'll see the danger coming..

Force Canberra (4 CA, 1 CL, 1 DD) is ordered to do an attack run towards Rabaul (full speed, retirement on) but it doesnt work out the way I imagined it to and the taskforce just moved one hex towards target (it was at range 11, now at range 10 - TF speed is 9)... All ships were fully fueled.. Commander refused?

KenchiSulla -> january 3 (5/27/2012 3:01:09 PM)


The good news is that all three damaged cruisers are still afloat. Of those three only Danea was detected (marked 1/7).

The bad news is that I will probably (hopefully?) only be able to safe Cornwall as Boise fires are now the 60s (from 80s, she is now at full speed for Soerabaja and will reach it next turn, perhaps the naval support there (only 30..) will be able to assist in the firefighting..)

and the Danea stands at a stable 95 flotation damage but will probably be intercepted by either miniKB or submarines...


Silent service

A subchaser is sunk by a working torpedo..

North Australia

British 18th division is almost entirely unloaded at Darwin. I am taking measures to defend the area with around 600 AV total. If I can I'll slip some fighters in to cover supply convoys...

KenchiSulla -> january 4 (5/27/2012 9:02:12 PM)


CVE Hosho sailing with mini KB takes a US made torpedo! With a 80% dud rate I really, really can't complain about Hosho not going down. She shows heavy damage. I am vectoring S boats and dutch subs to her area to try and put her out of her misery.

I am also vectoring submarines to mini KB just in case she decided to stay in shallow water. The weather (I think...) prevented her from launching any aircraft to finish of Danae..

Boise is expected to sink next turn. She is at the Soerabaja Anchorage but fires are going out of control and system damage is sky high. Sad to lose here but war is hell... The Cornwall will and Danae might make it...



14 B17s pound Miri and catch an Oscar and two Babs on the ground!

Morning Air attack on Miri , at 64,87

Weather in hex: Moderate rain

Raid spotted at 20 NM, estimated altitude 16,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 5 minutes

Japanese aircraft
Ki-43-Ic Oscar x 11

Allied aircraft
B-17D Fortress x 14

Japanese aircraft losses
Ki-43-Ic Oscar: 4 damaged
Ki-43-Ic Oscar: 1 destroyed on ground
Ki-15-II Babs: 1 destroyed on ground

Allied aircraft losses
B-17D Fortress: 2 damaged

Airbase hits 2
Airbase supply hits 1
Runway hits 11

Aircraft Attacking:
7 x B-17D Fortress bombing from 10000 feet *
Airfield Attack: 4 x 500 lb GP Bomb
7 x B-17D Fortress bombing from 10000 feet *
Airfield Attack: 4 x 500 lb GP Bomb

CAP engaged:
77th Sentai with Ki-43-Ic Oscar (3 airborne, 8 on standby, 0 scrambling)
3 plane(s) intercepting now.
Group patrol altitude is 25000 , scrambling fighters to 25000.
Time for all group planes to reach interception is 12 minutes

Again no intercepts vs the bombers.. I am very happy with the situation as for now I keep control of the Java sea...

KenchiSulla -> january 5 (5/28/2012 9:27:26 AM)


The WitP AE gods favour me today.

- CVE Hosho is hit by another working US torpedo (out of 7 fired, I managed to get 3 US submarines into position, somehow the dutch screwed up on the intercept). This torpedo explodes an ammo storage and sinks the damaged carrier.
- The Soerabaja firebrigade (?) managed to save the Boise.. She'll undergo minor repairs at Soerabaja and then i'll get her out of harms way, probably Cape Town as the fires destroyed a lot of equipment..
- Both Danae and Cornwall are still afloat...

The coastal guns at Tarakan strike two big cargo vessels. Both have a small amount of fuel which causes heavy fires. My gut (and experience playing the Japanese) tell me they won't survive.

Three IJN SNLF units landed (total AV 180 vs 45 fort level 2) and the base is expected to fall shortly. He'll be able to use it as a bomber base...

I am hoping the destruction of Hosho will make Dennis very careful in the DEI. By now he knows the area is crawling with submarines and that I have some experience in using them. Here is to slowing down the IJ warmachine!

KenchiSulla -> january 6 (5/28/2012 2:11:16 PM)


Baseforces land at Tarakan. Coastal defenses manage to damage several xAKs (one carrying fuel is left with heavy fires, that is two confirmed sunk t his turn, one burning)..

Tarakan Battalion holds the assault so we might get a few more shots in tommorow.


18th infantry is fully unloaded en preparing for Darwin. The british troops help with construction work in the area.. I have supply incoming now the waters are still open. Plan is to stock Darwin pretty good....


KenchiSulla -> 8 january (5/28/2012 5:11:33 PM)


Danae runs into a submarine and takes 2 torpedoes. The end... Brave little ship..

Tarakan falls. It is not torpedo enabled yet (level 3 airbase, no airHQ) but i'll keep an eye on it. It is just outside of B17 range for now (18, extended). I am working on upgrading Soerabaja airfield and might get it finished in time to matter.


KenchiSulla -> 9 january (5/28/2012 9:56:36 PM)


Overview of the main point of action.. At best I'll hit the ships at the second day of unloading.. Rather sink five after landings then one before...

Houston will not participate as it's undergoing repairs piersided..


The Manado landing is understrength and I might hold for a while longer. Ternate is not defended and will fall tommorow.

KenchiSulla -> 10 january (5/29/2012 8:47:15 PM)


With miniKB covering landings at Manado, KB unaccounted for (Pacific) and a taskforce unloading at Kuching at extreme G4M torpedo range (17 hexes) an oppertunity presents itself. It will be a risky move but one I am willing to make.

I feel myself forced to peel of forces of the main strike. A SAG has moved a couple of hexes east of Balikpapan. I only have Houston operational at Soerabaja and that SAG can wreak heavoc if unchecked. The Exeter group (strong cruiser group) is detached and moves to counter this thrust. Added advantage is that if I run into battleships at Kuching (high chance) I'll at least save one strong group for the defense of Java.

The Kuching Taskforces move at full speed to Kuching (remain on station) and will occupy the hex if practicable (Gettysburg anyone?). Measures are taken to prevent torpedo bombing of the ships in daylight...


KenchiSulla -> 11 and 12 january (5/31/2012 10:11:22 PM)


I have tried to capture the evens in a screenshot. The Japanese outgunned the Royal Navy and friends, that is for sure..

The full speed dash towards Kuching came to a hold 1 hex outside of Kuching. Allied ships refused to engage. It could be due to the presence of two battleships and probably several cruisers. On the 12th I decided to withdraw Repulse and the dutch cruisers...

Kongo and Haruna disengaged NW in range of Singapore torpedobombers (Vildebeests) but only the Swordfish bombers engaged at extended range...

The brit/US/NZ force did strike at what were originally 3 heavy cruisers and 5 DDs (Two DDs were out of the fight due to hitting a mine and providing escort). I decided to engage because I seemed to outnumber the Japanese (Mogami had hit a mine as well) and hoped to at least trade cruisers.

It didn't work out the way I planned it.... Every salve of 20cm fire seemed to connect and as a result Exeter and Marblehead are lost, the Mauritius a probable due to heavy damage and expected submarines..

The allied subscreen designed to pick off damaged cruisers failed and only managed to engage the damaged DD (and miss)...

Talk about bad Karma...


KenchiSulla -> 13 january (6/1/2012 12:21:23 PM)


A slow turn in this theater except for a very succesfull port attack at Kuching by B17Ds. Due to a crowded anchorage they hit with 16 out of 56 bombs dropped! I expect at least the CL Sendai and a DD to sink.. It seems the warships are now at sea again (hopefully with fires burning) but I'll repeat the trick next turn to see what is left in port.



Several Hurricanes arrive at Aden. I'll put them to use at Singapore.

The equivalent of 4,5 IJA divisions push aside a chinese corps deployed west of Taiuyan. Sian might be the target. Two divisions push on Chusien.. I am curious what Dennis wants to accomplish in China. So far no real clue yet. He might try closing the road first..

KenchiSulla -> 14 january (6/2/2012 7:32:00 PM)


One of the IJN minelaying submarines hits a couple of mines at Palembang. This is the first confirmed submarine kill I get.

B17s keep pounding Kuching but achieve nothing notable. I'll keep at it untill I notice an airfield growing in size... My biggest fear is still LB torpedo planes...

Manado falls. I now have one base left that can monitor shipping in the Davao, Manado, Babeldaob triangle.. Two dutch Dorniers. Dennis could sneak the entire fleet in and I won't know untill it passes south of Jolo.. Not that it really matters as I can't stop him.


The US and Australian cruisers were stationed 300 NM SSW of Rabaul and destroyed a supply convoy I saw coming. 4 small AKs go down (had hoped for a tanker or two). I expect Dennis to move in at least some Jakes to cover the area...


Undetected... and I don't like that

Night fighting experience

Sinking those cargoes did wonders for the US and French experience levels.. 14 to 16 point gain overnight.. nothing like life fire exercises it seems... Selfridge crew were asleep during the shelling...


KenchiSulla -> 15 and 16 january (6/3/2012 9:16:13 AM)


A regiment is reported bound for Balikpapan. I have very little AV there but the CD guns and large subscreen should draw some blood. I post Repulse and friends about 7 hexes SSW of Balikpapan to try and take out some of the landing force. If Balikpapan falls and if he brings an Air HQ i'll have to move the fleet away.

Boise and Cornwall with escorts leave Soerabaja and head for Perth. If Balikpapan falls Soerabaja is not a good port to do repairs.


11th Air fleet is reported inbound Rabaul. That will be his deterrent to SAG strikes.

Baseforces and the better part of 2nd marine div. is unloaded at Suva without interference. I plan to move in fighters next.


100th Corps is victorious

Ground combat at Foochow (86,60)

Allied Deliberate attack

Attacking force 12111 troops, 39 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 415

Defending force 5065 troops, 44 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 154

Allied adjusted assault: 393

Japanese adjusted defense: 45

Allied assault odds: 8 to 1 (fort level 1)

Allied forces CAPTURE Foochow !!!

Combat modifiers
Defender: forts(+), fatigue(-), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
2648 casualties reported
Squads: 39 destroyed, 77 disabled
Non Combat: 24 destroyed, 24 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 24 (16 destroyed, 8 disabled)
Units retreated 2

Allied ground losses:
16 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 5 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Defeated Japanese Units Retreating!

Assaulting units:
100th Chinese Corps
25th Group Army

Defending units:
115th Infantry Regiment
2nd RGC Route Brigade

CV Indomitable arrives at Aden!


KenchiSulla -> january 17 (6/3/2012 9:14:56 PM)


The invasion force bound for Balikpapan is detected by my fairly large submarine screen. I even manage to hit
one of the CLs accompanying the transports.

I have little intel on the cover force. This is of some concern but I'll attempt an intercept with what
undamaged ships I have at my disposal. Mauritius sinks after DC parties got trapped so that frees up her
escorting DDs

I have calculated an intercept vector and set both taskforces to retire after the intercept as miniKB is in range. There is always the chance
I am wrong but looking at the taskforce composition I expect them to travel 3 hexes towards the only possible route to Balikpapan.
It is either that or they have to stay in the subscreen for another full resolution.

One big issue, and it is possible that Dennis has timed this, is the reduced sighting due to low moonlight. This gives the Japanese
torpedoes a decent chance to hit my capital ships. On the other hand I'll probably be able to open fire at point blanc range,
hopefully targetting transports.

Also, there is an unidentified taskforce behind miniKB.. Tanker support?


A mixed Japanese force shock attacks over the river north of Moulmein and is stopped by the dug in Indian brigade. The division that pushed
aside a regiment from the Burma division is moving on the position from the NE. I won't be able to hold the hex but at least I damage
the IJA, hopefully enough to make him pause a bit so I can dig in. He is not trying to outflank me (as far as I can tell) but there is
another division inbound to Saigon that might be used in the Burma campaign (or Java? Sumatra? Singapore?)..

We will see...


KenchiSulla -> january 18 (6/3/2012 10:18:45 PM)


Enough action.. This is probably the last surface engagement in the DEI for a long while.

Turns out there were BBs in the cover force (ofcourse).. Repulse does a decent enough job damaging Ise but takes a beating in return. Current status is major system, flood damage and fires still burning.. She is a writeoff..

It wasn't entirely for nothing. Ise detached and is hit by the subscreen. First one and then another two 45cm torpedoes.. Ise is gone..

Lost ships on both sides is shown in the next post.

CL Boise goes down due to pump failure.. Leaving her in Soerabaja was not an option so did not have a real choice but to risk it. Cornwall will make Perth without problems.


KenchiSulla -> january 18 II (6/3/2012 10:23:33 PM)

Japanese losses

CVE Hosho
BB Ise
BB Fuso
CL Sendai (two more light cruisers damaged by submarines, one probable kill on an old training cruiser (18 knots variant, rust bucket)
Two DDs


BC Repulse (most probable)


KenchiSulla -> january 19 (6/5/2012 4:19:49 PM)


The Balikpapan landing materialised. A couple of cargo vessels are sunk and a couple are damaged (mines, coastal gun fire and submarines). I am still hoping to hit another capital ship as the surface force that sunk Repulse is in the middle of the submarine screen and I might get a chance at launching torpedoes as the escort is light.

About a division landed at Balikpapan, with about 10x the AV of the defenders. This will be over next turn. It will open up a size 4 airbase that covers the Java Sea. I'll get out what ships remain in the area. B17s will give the Balikpapan airfield some attention.


The Hurricanes over Singapore do a decent job and shoot down 5 fighters (2 Zero, 3 Oscars) for the loss of 2 Hurricanes.

KenchiSulla -> january 20 and 21 (6/8/2012 3:10:06 PM)


Several cargo vessels sink (see summary) but overal a quiet few turns. KB is now 300 miles due north of Boela heading southwest.

There doesn't seem to be a surface screen at Balikpapan so i'll see if I can get lucky with a small dutch cruiser/destroyer taskforce, The other ships involved in the DEI fight will withdraw towards Perth, away from KB.

If KB is showing up in this theater, Dennis surely is prioritising... I might just try and raid somewhere in the pacific. It will at least give me a chance to reinforce there!

Succesful action versus merchants in the last three turns...

Japanese Ships
xAK Tamon Maru, Torpedo hits 2, heavy fires, heavy damage

Allied Ships

Japanese Ships
xAK Turusima Maru, Torpedo hits 2, heavy damage

Allied Ships
SS O21

Japanese Ships
xAK Zenoa Maru, Torpedo hits 1, heavy damage

Allied Ships
SS S-36

Submarine attack near Balikpapan at 65,98

Japanese Ships
xAK Taigen Maru, Torpedo hits 2, on fire, heavy damage

Allied Ships
SS O21

Japanese Ships
xAK Myoko Maru, Torpedo hits 1

Allied Ships

Japanese Ships
xAK Meigen Maru, Torpedo hits 1, on fire

Allied Ships

Japanese Ships
xAK Shinanogawa Maru, Torpedo hits 4, on fire, heavy damage

Allied Ships


KenchiSulla -> january 22 and 23 (6/10/2012 1:45:13 PM)


The slaughter of the Japanese merchantmarine continues with the sinking of several PBs and xAKs by submarines and what remains of the dutch navy. I consider this a small tactical victory and I hope Dennis will feel the loss in the long run as he has a lot of resources and supplies to move around and less capacity to do it with due to playing DBB:C

With KB approaching I am trying to evacuate everything that has a remote chance to get out. I already got out two ARDs and am trying to get the others out as well. At least I preserved one with 3000 and one with 20.000 lift capacity, they are now in Perth and are being prepared to be moved further south.


The Indian brigade occupying the space north of Moulmein (between the rivers) is going to be pressed hard. It is now facing 1 2/3s of a division (but the Japanese are at effective fighting strength of 80% of a division due to previous combat). If the Indian brigade buckles it will withdraw to Pegu and its garrison to defend Rangoon. I want Dennis to choose between targets and he most probably wont be able to reinforce the area until Java and Sumatra are secured. If I can delay him long enough I might be able to hold parts of the North of Burma as an excellent base of operations.


A river crossing gone bad for the Japanese.. An unexpected tactical victory and a mistake Dennis won't likely make again.

Ground combat at Singapore (50,84)

Japanese Shock attack

Attacking force 4026 troops, 10 guns, 390 vehicles, Assault Value = 272

Defending force 46339 troops, 537 guns, 348 vehicles, Assault Value = 813

Japanese adjusted assault: 83

Allied adjusted defense: 1513

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 18 (fort level 3)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), forts(+), preparation(-), experience(-)
Attacker: shock(+)

Japanese ground losses:
1082 casualties reported
Squads: 52 destroyed, 38 disabled
Non Combat: 45 destroyed, 24 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 7 (5 destroyed, 2 disabled)
Vehicles lost 159 (58 destroyed, 101 disabled)
Units destroyed 1

Allied ground losses:
144 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 38 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

Assaulting units:
22nd Recon Regiment
14th Tank Regiment
1st Tank Regiment
56th Recon Regiment
5th Recon Regiment
6th Tank Regiment


I am now shipping several fully equiped fighter squadrons, marine dive bombers and additional engineers to Suva.

A couple of old BBs with old DD escorts are going to be moved to Pearl Harbour. I am planning to bombard wake to make sure Dennis doesn't forget about his eastern perimeter.


KenchiSulla -> january 24 (6/10/2012 9:12:35 PM)


A few more xAKs sink.. Landings at Kendari..

KB is now west of Makassar heading northwest, probably going to sweep Java Sea and refueling at Balikpapan?


This will help me delay the capture of Singapore and probably send one or two divisions into a forced rest for at least the better part of a month...

Ground combat at Singapore (50,84)

Japanese Shock attack

Attacking force 26014 troops, 268 guns, 101 vehicles, Assault Value = 893

Defending force 46281 troops, 537 guns, 348 vehicles, Assault Value = 780

Japanese adjusted assault: 176

Allied adjusted defense: 1679

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 9 (fort level 3)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), leaders(+), preparation(-), experience(-)
Attacker: shock(+)

Japanese ground losses:
5041 casualties reported
Squads: 8 destroyed, 178 disabled
Non Combat: 31 destroyed, 79 disabled
Engineers: 57 destroyed, 59 disabled
Guns lost 28 (3 destroyed, 25 disabled)
Vehicles lost 6 (1 destroyed, 5 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
1151 casualties reported
Squads: 10 destroyed, 69 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 41 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 15 disabled
Guns lost 33 (2 destroyed, 31 disabled)

Assaulting units:
12th Engineer Regiment
15th Ind Engineer Regiment
14th Tank Regiment
41st Infantry Regiment
5th Recon Regiment
5th Engineer Regiment
1st Tank Regiment
114th Infantry Regiment
Imperial Guards Division
56th Recon Regiment
6th Tank Regiment
3rd Medium Field Artillery Regiment
18th Mountain Gun Regiment
18th Medium Field Artillery Regiment
3rd Ind. Mountain Gun Regiment
5th Field Construction Battalion

Defending units:
22nd Australian Brigade
2nd Gordons Battalion
5/14th Punjab Battalion
1st Hyderabad Battalion
8th Indian Brigade
FMSV Brigade
2nd Malay Battalion
1st Malay Battalion
2/17 Dogra Battalion
1st Mysore Battalion
SSVF Brigade
3rd SSVF Battalion
2nd Loyal Battalion
3rd Cavalry Regiment
27th Australian Brigade
1st Manchester Battalion
12th Indian Brigade
Singapore Base Force
224 Group RAF
24th NZ Pioneer Coy
III Indian Corps
112th RAF Adv Base Force
1st HK&S Heavy AA Regiment
2nd HK&S Heavy AA Regiment
111th RAF Adv Base Force
1st Indian Heavy AA Regiment
2/215th Bty 80th AT Gun Regiment
137/155th Field Regiment
272/273rd Bty 80th AT Gun Regiment
Malaya Army
AHQ Far East
Malayan Air Wing
Singapore Fortress
3rd Heavy AA Regiment
113th RAF Adv Base Force
22nd Indian Mountain Gun Regiment
110th RAF Adv Base Force
2nd ISF Base Force
5th Field Regiment

KenchiSulla -> january 25 - 28 (6/13/2012 9:48:38 PM)


The last few turns have been slow. KB executes a sweep through the Java sea towards Singapore and sinks a lot of minor ships plus two submarines at Soerabaja stuck in the shipyard. On the 27th and 28th KB attacks Singapore. The first day the entire Singapore fighter CAP is grounded (resting). On the 28th around 20 hurricanes shoot down about 20 zero's, val's and a few kates for the loss of just one hurricane! Way to go RAF and NZAF!

Raid detected at 40 NM, estimated altitude 13,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 15 minutes

Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 53
B5N2 Kate x 112
D3A1 Val x 92

Allied aircraft
Hurricane IIa Trop x 7
Hurricane IIb Trop x 13

Japanese aircraft losses
A6M2 Zero: 5 destroyed
B5N2 Kate: 2 destroyed, 8 damaged
D3A1 Val: 2 destroyed, 16 damaged
D3A1 Val: 1 destroyed by flak

Allied aircraft losses
Hurricane IIa Trop: 5 damaged
S.19 Singapore III: 1 destroyed on ground
Buffalo I: 1 destroyed on ground
Vildebeest III: 1 destroyed on ground
Catalina I: 1 destroyed on ground


North Australia

Darwin receives more supplies. The base is being build up for future use. 18th british division is digging in.

KenchiSulla -> january 29 - 31 (6/17/2012 8:48:27 AM)


It.. is.. o.. so.. quiet..... (Bjork)


The Japanese shock attack over the river and damage the three reinforced brigades I have there. The troops hold for now but with another division (might be RTA) on the way they will eventually buckle... Flank protection is withdrawing behind the next river line, Forcing the Japanese to make frontal attacks.

Another supply convoy is inbound and the AVG will fly to protect the ships if needed..

KB is spotted moving NE, about 7 hexes SSW of Hong Kong.


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