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Empire101 -> Purple Script (5/6/2012 2:52:25 PM)

Does anyone know what script in purple denotes?

I sometimes get it for stuff in production, and sometimes for stuff that is about to start production.

Any ideas anyone??


mantill -> RE: Purple Script (5/6/2012 9:30:24 PM)

Is it something to do with stockpiling?

I saw this yesterday and that was the noticeable thing I came up with.

Edit: OK scrub that. Stockpiling highlights the numeric values purple in the general production screen. Not sure what this means

John 3rd -> RE: Purple Script (5/7/2012 1:43:20 AM)

Don't know.

Is it an advancement in production time?

n01487477 -> RE: Purple Script (5/7/2012 2:30:46 AM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

Don't know.

Is it an advancement in production time?

Got me (until I work it out) ... def. not advancement.

I think on the Ind Management screen for supplies, it is manual draw ...

On the base->aircraft [&:]

Hanzberger -> RE: Purple Script (5/7/2012 3:43:28 AM)

WHEW and I thought it was just new to me. Post in Tech support.

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