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basem2502 -> My Thoughts After A Few Games (5/5/2012 10:06:14 PM)

Overall, I really like the game. I'll summarize my initial thoughts below and try to update after a while:


- Very nice graphics on iPad 3!
- Great gameplay and quite addictive
- I've played hundreds of games on Slay and this game has more depth which is something like

- Please, please reduce the clutter on the gameplay screen. Just reduce all button (zoom in/out, end of turn, etc) sizes by 50%. They just take up too much space and reduces the visible play area
- No need to confirm each move. Just take the move as is and place an undo button
- When a piece is hovering over an enemy unit, it shows green until dropped at which point changes to red if move is illiigal. That's annoying, just change the color to red for illigal moves while still hovering
- Crashed once (in 4 games)
- reduce the time it takes to pop up the buy menu
- add a "move all units" here option: click and hold on a map area to bring all available units to that area. Very useful in large maps/large armies situations

That's all for now. Back to the game :-)

Lord Zimoa -> RE: My Thoughts After A Few Games (5/6/2012 10:53:59 AM)

Thanks, for the great feedback.

We are looking at solving the rare crashes and doing some UI changes based on feedback we got after release. Our aim is to try and get out a first patch asap.

Further we are also looking at adding save game option and introducing BA`s PBEM MP functionality, as those extra game features were requested quite often.

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