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wga -> Allied bombing alt in SW Pacific (5/3/2012 8:17:42 PM)

I am transitioning from Uncommon Valor to WITP-AE by initially trying an equivalent scenario. I always wondered if I am bombing too low as my medium bomber losses seem high attacking at 8000-9000 feet. This is tied to the P39 escort limted to 10000 ft. The WITP rulebood states that B25s can fly unescorted with acceptable losses (acceptable to the crews?). I will experiment but am wondering what the medium bomber altitude should be for Airbase, port, and groun attack. my few P40s tend to fly cap at 15-20000 feet to engage and zero fighter sweeps designed to decimate any P39s flying cap. 75% of my fighters are P39s/P400 so I thought escort role was a good use but may be wrong.

dr.hal -> RE: Allied bombing alt in SW Pacific (5/3/2012 8:34:53 PM)

For attack altitude, one factor you are not mentioning Bill is the AAA of the enemy! That is certainly one thing you need to consider. Most Japanese units have the 25MM AA guns, that tops out at 7K IIRC. This was THE AAA gun of Japan for warships at sea for most of the war. The answer here to miss out on this fire is to come in at 8K. Attacks below that would be subject to far more AA fire than if at or above that altitude. Hal

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