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Scott Parrino -> Conquest! Medieval Realms Arrives for iOS and Android! (5/2/2012 5:29:42 PM)

Take the challenge and experience of the medieval times to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone & Android tablet!

Slitherine ( and Matrix Games (, along with Illustrious Software ( and The Lordz Games Studio (, are glad to announce the release of Conquest! Medieval Realms for the iOS and Android tablet platforms. Now players will be able to conquer their enemies and bring their kingdom to greatness on the go and utilizing the touch-based interface to enact their decisions.

Conquest! Medieval Realms is a universal binary and gives players hours of challenging strategy gameplay, from raising a powerful economy, training your armies, and conquering the surrounding lands. Conquest! Medieval Realms is an easy-to-learn game that appeals to both beginners and wargamers that are looking for a unique challenge. Add in randomly generated maps, five different levels of AI, and a multitude of unit and building types, wargamers will definitely be kept busy!

To purchase Conquest! Medieval Realms for iOS and Android devices, click the links below:
Conquest! Medieval Realms for iOS
Conquest! Medieval Realms for Android

Don’t forget that for the first two weeks, Conquest! Medieval Realms will be selling for 33% percent off!

About Conquest! Medieval Realms

Conquest! Medieval Realms, developed by Illustrious Software and the Lordz Games Studio, is a turn-based game where the objective is to conquer up to 5 opposing players by defeating their armies and capturing their lands - to do this you will need to unite all of your lands, build up a powerful economy, and raise armies to defend the homeland and to take lands from your enemies. The game is set in medieval times and has a number of game modes available.

Conquest! Medieval Realms, is packed with hours and hours of clever fun-packed, brain-bending strategy gaming.

Get more information on Conquest! Medieval Realms from its official product page on either the Slitherine or Matrix Games site.

Lord Zimoa -> RE: Conquest! Medieval Realms Arrives for iOS and Android! (5/2/2012 7:28:40 PM)

To everybody:

Please if you buy Conquest!, rate it and leave a short written review in iTunes or Google Play. This really helps us getting some exposure!

This how the charts works, so you will doing us a great favour giving Conquest! a rating and a short review on iTunes and Android shops!


Tim aka LZ

rogo727 -> RE: Conquest! Medieval Realms Arrives for iOS and Android! (5/2/2012 7:48:32 PM)

Will do it now.

Lord Zimoa -> RE: Conquest! Medieval Realms Arrives for iOS and Android! (5/3/2012 6:33:05 AM)

Conquest! Medieval Realms is getting a 33% discount the first two weeks of release. So a bargain at 1.99 USD or 1.50 Euro...

And please don`t forget to rate it and leave a small review on iTunes or Android stores! We highly appreciate it.

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