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Kayoz -> - construction queue (5/1/2012 10:43:38 PM)

Construction yard list needs "move top/move bottom" option

Steps to reproduce:
Locate a space port. If at all possible, one that has many ships queued to be built. If not, queue 50 explorers and then a destroyer. Open the construction yard screen. Find the space port. Move the destroyer to the top of the list.

The "move up/move down" manipulation of queued construction at a yard is awkward to use at busy ports - or a port where a player is attempting to repair battle damage and wishes to manually queue ships.

Proposed change:
Add a single button to the right hand panel, so the list reads - "Move top, move up, move down, remove ship". Alternatively, hook double click behaviour on move up/down buttons to move top/bottom.

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