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Acehole -> Need some help or tips to improve "grand campaign" (4/30/2012 6:06:19 PM)

Hello, as a big fan of the CC series , i am happy to download a patch for the "lost savegame" issue who bored me (and others ) for a time .Thanks to Matrix for the support! So, back to work , but i have a reflexion against the difference in difficulty beetween the original CC2 and LSA...for me , LSA is less challenging than CC2 for the allied (i ended the great campaign in 3 days left , without airborne that i disband...)

-So, can i ,to compensate, adjust the difficulty (without lost of historical ) : green for one , veteran for other by example ??? what is the best combination ?

-is there a mod (and where find it) for better "great campaign" ( like realpara for CC2)

- why , some significant differences beetween the two games in term of material and maps ? maps complety different ( with same name ) or , in example, the disparition of "crocodile" and "AVRE" for allied ...editor choice or real historical remake ? who is the more realistic ?

-Where to play multiplayer , (i cannot succeed to play on Battlehq), where are the best place for CC players ?

Sorry for this long post but ,i hope my remarks and your answer help somebody else .Truly yours [&o]

stolidog -> RE: Need some help or tips to improve "grand campaign" (5/11/2012 6:24:55 PM)

As far as difficulty level h2h, in my opinion the allies should be at line and the germans at one level easier (green)

For multiplayer try gameranger, there is a fair amount of people out there playing on the weekends

Acehole -> RE: Need some help or tips to improve "grand campaign" (6/12/2012 10:50:29 PM)

Thanks to have take time to answer , i try several combination to challenge the game as you suggest....curiously, i have greater difficulty to play on allied side on "longest day" where the allied forces was advantaged ...

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