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CV32 -> New HCE scenario - Senkaku (4/30/2012 12:17:57 AM)

By Clemens


Just a small scenario based on the Senkaku Islands dispute. This is my first scenario after a several years without harpoon on my computer, so please offer any and all critiques on this as I hope to write several scenarios based on the Senkaku and Spratly Islands and Taiwan, (possibly involving NK and SK too)

The background is yet another confrontation by chinese fishing trawlers. Several had anchored just off of one of the islands. As expected a standoff ensued until the JCG attempted to board the chinese trawlers. Shots were fired and both sides claimed the other fired first. Injuries were light and the chinese vessels finally departed but the Chinese were enraged to the point of sending a battalion of PLA to occupy the islands and put an end to the dispute. Japan has to defend the Senkaku Islands but is not willing to fire the first shot. Your mission is to prevent the PLA battalion from getting ashore by either remaining on station between the Chinese CSG and the Senkakus or damaging the CV thereby forcing the CSG to return to port. Weapons are tight, fire on chinese forces only after demonstrated hostile intent by the Chinese forces.

This scenario is designed for the Westpac Battleset and the official HCE database (HCDB-120405 or later).

You can download the scenario and database from HarpGamer.

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