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tgb -> Suggestions for Force Creation (4/29/2012 1:50:54 AM)

Since I can't seem to win a match against the A.I. with the provided forces, I thought I'd take a stab at putting something together with the Force Creator. Any suggestions for a good build?

Xerkis -> RE: Suggestions for Force Creation (4/29/2012 2:30:30 AM)

That is a huge open question.

First off, you might want to look over the charts that are available in the thread “Index Of Team Assault Charts”. You might find it makes it a bit easier to see all the options laid out in front of you to make your fighting choices.

Then it really depends on how you want to play – your style. Aggressive or defensive – things like that.
The nice thing about making your own is you can make a squad for a certain task.
Maybe one for that fast charge forward to capture a CP quickly or to send the fast needed reinforcements to the front line.
Another squad to be more of the hard to dislodge defensive squad that sits in one spot holding its ground.
A third a stealthy lightweight recon unit for disruption and finding out the enemy’s positions.
Obviously you will want your own sniper team, so that might be a fourth squad.
And the last squad perhaps a general-purpose infantry squad.

Some things to keep in mind when making your own force:
Cost of the squad. Doesn’t do much good if it’s a killer squad if you can never get them on the field.
Initiative. You don’t necessary want them all high or all low. Initiative also depends on the squads function. You might want to purposely have the squad go last in a round.
Outfits, disciplines and equipment all should match the job of the squad. For instance, if the squad’s main function is to sit in defense then there is no reason to give them the Discipline of “Physical Endurance”. Or a Medic Kit if the squad is a cheap expendable squad.

Making your own forces is (I think) where half the fun is with this game. Hope this gives you some help to start off with in your force building.

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