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welk -> Possible text modifications with string editor (4/26/2012 6:19:17 PM)

Working a few on my Modern warfare Academy mod, I tried to change some names units in lang_eng db file directly with stringbaseditor, and it worked fine (changed Mechanized in "Air cavalry" (heliported troops), and will do some others.

I have seen, Doom that in other thread in the forum, you said that you use excel to edit texts in land_eng csv file and after that, you open this lang_eng csv with stringbaseditor to convert it in db file. Why do you that, please, if the modifications may be made directly in db file with stringeditor, as I did ? Is it a simple way to avoid some manipulation errors in the replacing, or is it something that MUST be done ? To work directly with stringbaseeditor is very usefull and quick, and I had no problem later in game after thse modifications.

doomtrader -> RE: Possible text modifications with string editor (4/26/2012 6:26:24 PM)

It can be done directly there, but the string editor is sorting the strings alphabetically

welk -> RE: Possible text modifications with string editor (4/26/2012 6:58:26 PM)

Ok, thanks. I founded also one good reason to use csv file : more faster when you have some 34 names to change in the right column of the file, one click is needed in excel, 34 in string : the choice is easy to do[:D] (replaced "Air strike" by "Explosive strike", because now, Missiles, attack helicos and jet tactical bombers have each separate country and graphs, for one unic sound : exceptionnel sound I founded on the web, that simulate at the sametime a jet fighter, a missile and a final explosion impact : perfect to be used as air strike sound : when used by missiles or helicos, the sound look likes a missile lunched + explosion ; when used by jet air fight, the sound lools like a jet atack + explosion missile or bom (but better would be to have different sounds for each separate country[8D]. One day, perhaps[:'(] )

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