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BBfanboy -> Chinese Unit Withdrawal (4/26/2012 3:01:33 PM)

In one of the AARs for Scenario 2 it was mentioned that the Chinese 66th Corps must be withdrawn in 14 months. With Japanese troops swarming all over their homeland, I was perplexed about reasons for requiring a Chinese unit to withdraw. Is it historical? What would be the rationale for such a withdrawal? Is it a way of doing a mandatory disbandment to spread reinforcements around other units?

SuluSea -> RE: Chinese Unit Withdrawal (4/26/2012 3:16:27 PM)

Hi BBfan, Here's a screenie I wish I could have answered the question positively but I'm interested in the details as well. Judging by from what i read in the past by the gang there's a very good reason. [:)]

Actually withdraw is 434 days as of 12/8/41 I stated about 14 months because I was going off memory.


Arnhem44 -> RE: Chinese Unit Withdrawal (4/26/2012 4:24:17 PM)

In the game, the 66th corps consists of the 28th, 38th and 39th Divisions, even if they were left alone, all 3 divisions would withdraw on the same day. The 1st New Chinese Corps (under NCAC command) and the 97th Chinese Corps (under Central Reserve) come on the map as reinforcements on 26 Jan and 19 Feb 1943 respectively. These 2 reinforcement LCUs have about 450+ AV and their arrival dates are the closest to the withdrawal date of the 66th, I believe the withdrawal of the 66th isn't a withdrawal in the traditional sense but rather it has something to do with the reorganization of the Chinese Army in India. Kind of like how some Allied air units are withdrawn and then come back on the map in the later years. So in this case the withdrawal of the 66th is balanced by the arrival of the 1st New Chinese Corps. That's my stab in the dark.

New 1st Army

BBfanboy -> RE: Chinese Unit Withdrawal (4/28/2012 5:31:09 AM)

Ah yes - reorgs. How many of those did I go through in my work career ....[:@]
Much noise and bother and no strengthening of the organization in my experience, but if the Chinese were handing over troops to be re-equipped and trained by Western powers, I'm sure it was a good move.

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