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Micha6162 -> Michas Battle of Hochkirch (4/25/2012 9:31:38 PM)

Againe a long ( for my taste to long ) Battle. I lost many men and equipment, i did not a good job.
Hopefully the AI was more stupid than me[:D]
Had marginal victory.





PrinzHenrich -> RE: Michas Battle of Hochkirch (4/28/2012 8:46:11 AM)

Hochkirch is nice but long true. Despite I would change it to longer one. I would do that because Austrian reinforcement have no influence on battlefield. They appeared in 9-16 round and mostly are inactive. I crashed them down, won battle playing Prussians, and I need to admit, that was no chalange for me.
How to win decisive battle at Hochkirch?
1. Need to retreat hussars on north to forest, enemy cavalry will not charge them there,
2. Reinforcement all infantry and cavalry from middle to the hills on the north west, where artillery is set uped.
3. Don't engagment your infantry there, shoot the cannons and wait for troop from middle.
4. Defend your cannons, and your cavalry supported by 2-3 infantry units shall destroyed the north left wing of enemy cavalry.
5. When reinforcment came, just destroy enemy.
I had lost 22% of my army. Austrians lost 60% of their army. If I got 5-6 more turn, I have wiped them out totaly.

Micha6162 -> RE: Michas Battle of Hochkirch (4/28/2012 1:06:22 PM)

Thank you for this good tips.

jackx -> RE: Michas Battle of Hochkirch (5/16/2012 5:29:16 PM)

Hochkirch really showcases the AI's inability to attack, IMHO.
You can win defensively without any real effort, but it's also very easy to counterattack and shatter the Austrian columns before they ever get to deploy fully.

That made Hochkirch too easy in Prussia's Glory already, and the rule/mechanic changes in HnM V1 only make it worse...


If the scenario hadn't ended, Arenberg's column would've been annihilated as well...

Sadly, PBEM is very tedious with full activation and fire control, so any large game would take forever, yet while they can be disabled, that takes away a lot from the specific appeal of this series.

Micha6162 -> RE: Michas Battle of Hochkirch (5/16/2012 8:25:06 PM)

Hi jackx, congrats to your great battleresult.

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