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Manu -> after Panthers in the fog (4/25/2012 4:00:01 PM)

though I have drawn a lot of maps for Close Combat (and especially the stalingrad ones), I'm happy that the new engine after panthers in the fog will be a 3D one. The restriction with the 2D and the last engine was too restrictive (one thing that always bothers me was the fact that the original scale was too small and that we finally play with soldiers, vehicles and even maps that are not at the right scale (5 pixels by meter) . Now I cross my fingers that they will succeed in transposing this game in 3D with all its difficulties (floor repartition, combat in houses, building damages, crossable walls or not, scale). I have seen a lot of good look alike close combat 3D games as TOW or achtung panzer but neither were able to produce the same good gameplay as CC.

wodin -> RE: after Panthers in the fog (4/25/2012 4:36:34 PM)

Manu I played some of your mods they where superb. I have noticed the new game coming out appears to be to scale compared to the other games. Check out the screenshots.

I think they should have used a 3D engine but gone for a topdown view point, making it a cross between 2D and 3D, yes you can play a 3D game top down but you can tell straight away the games weren't designed to be played at that viewpoint, whereas if you design the game with a topdown viewpoint then it will look right. So many WW2 RTS games, it has to be something special to compete, and with the CC pedigree aswell thats alot of pressure.

Fingers crossed.

Just remembered it was the excellent Stalingrad mod. Amazing.

Manu -> RE: after Panthers in the fog (4/25/2012 5:28:26 PM)

the graphics of the maps, soldiers and vehicles have effectively (more or less) the same scale (I guess 9 or 10 pixels per meter) but the distances calculated by the engine are still based on a scale of 5 pixel/meter.

I'm happy you have enjoyed the Stalingrad mod. I don't despair to improve it and adapt it to the new close combat games. Stalingrad in 3d can be amazing! [:'(]

wodin -> RE: after Panthers in the fog (4/25/2012 8:46:01 PM)

I always remember the Tanks being smaller scale to the infantry, if I remember properly.

I see what your saying though. Isn't it something that they might have fixed in the new game?

Where talking nearly double distance disparity.

STIENER -> RE: after Panthers in the fog (5/19/2012 8:33:21 AM)


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