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k9mike -> Reserve Units (4/24/2012 4:46:30 PM)

Quick question....
How are reserve units activated?Sorry for Noob question.... just not sure how, or when they can be used.


Max 86 -> RE: Reserve Units (4/24/2012 5:00:03 PM)

If you are talking about units that were not deployed at scenario start then they cannot be placed until one of your units is KIA'd, opening up a slot

k9mike -> RE: Reserve Units (4/24/2012 5:25:38 PM)

Yes, that was I was talking about
But, are they selected after this happens? Or do they automatically go into play?

Josh -> RE: Reserve Units (4/24/2012 6:35:34 PM)

You have three small buttons in the right hand bar; unit-stats, deployment bar and reserve bar. Like Max says once one of your core units is killed it opens up a slot, then you can deploy one of your reserve units.
Some units gather Exp pretty fast so they can be put in the reserve, then you can buy new units and guide them to more experience. I mean using a unit that already has five stars and all kinds of medals doesn't add much, so I'd rather use a completely green unit. That *is* dangerous though in later scenarios.

k9mike -> RE: Reserve Units (4/24/2012 7:07:16 PM)

Thx a lot for the help/info. Still trying to get to know all the technical stuff. Appreciate the quick replies

GamePlayer -> RE: Reserve Units (1/3/2013 9:07:52 PM)

Hi. Having just read this forum, during a scenario if one of my units are eliminated can I bring a unit into the game from the reserves? More importantly, I am starting a Grand Campaign '40 scenario and I have 16 units in reserve but need (or am allowed) to deploy 21 units and I do not have enough prestige to buy five units. What, if anything, can I do? Thanks.

Josh -> RE: Reserve Units (1/4/2013 3:15:32 PM)

Yes you can redeploy a core unit if a unit is killed... but only if that killed unit is a core unit, so no go if the killed unit is auxilliary. Needless to say you really want to avoid your core units getting killed, not only because it's a waste of prestige but also you lose your Experience when the unit gets killed. [:(]
If you're allowed to place 21 units but only have 16 in reserve, then you have screwed something up in earlier scenarios. Be aware that reinforcing units *during* a scenario is much much more expensive than *between*  the scenarios. Furthermore it's better to buy the most units you're allowed to... and only then upgrade them as high as you possibly can afford. Upgrading in the same "upgrade path" is also much cheaper than say upgrading a PzIII to a PzIV.
A quick workaround to keep you playing with all of the allowed units is... cheating. The cheat list is somewhere here on this forum, or on the Slitherine forum. From the top of my head it's; press left CTRL-Alt-left Shift-C at the same time and then enter the cheat.

Dragoon -> RE: Reserve Units (1/4/2013 8:37:09 PM)

If you are playing the DLC's a little trick is to buy fresh units once your old units hit the experience cap, and use them predominantly with a few experienced units for backup. When later on you're allowed to deploy more units you don't to go with recruits. This tactics really pays off in the later DLC's 43-45 when facing battle harden Russian guard formations. Especially with tanks, fighters and anti-tank units. Just don't go over the top like me and end-up with an end core force of over ~120. [:)]

GamePlayer -> RE: Reserve Units (1/4/2013 9:08:54 PM)

Thank you.
As I have Panzer Corp, Afrika Corp, plus the 1st 3 Grand Campaigns, I think I will start over and see where I went wrong with my deployments and upgrades.
Thank you both for responding and helping.

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