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welk -> Method to give "instructions" to AI (4/19/2012 1:56:03 PM)

You may edit the AI.csv file in scenario folder, but you may also use a little tip to "conduct" the AI :

1- Note coordinates of 2 hex ( every hex may be used)
2-Enter the coordinate sof these 2 hex in the "cities connexion".csv file (as if these hex were cities, but not needed they were cities)
3-The AI will consider that this connexion between thse 2 hex is a interessant way"

With this method : you can, in a certain part, orientate the conduct of strategy of AI (general direction of his forces)= interessant to create historical scenarios.

In addition : you may make the way more and more interessant for AI, if you give some Victory points to a no city hex (no city, no port, etc).

You have to not use "ressources" points in your scenario (just to use cities and their graphs, as cities or as ressources places)
In Gimp, give for all ressources graph a invisible mask
In the scenario, give the "ressources points" 0 PP and x victory points
Connect them as cities, to say to AI : "look at there, something is good for you"... :)

You will have in your scenario "invisible points" that have no PP production but that represent interessant "way" and victory points for AI, and... nothing for human player.

With this little tip, you may "conduct" the movement of AI in a scenario, and the player will see... nothing [:'(]

If you take the precaution to place these hex near or within a railroad, human player will see nothning, even he uses the strategic movement : the "deploy" highlighted hex will be masked with railroad highlighted hex (to be tested, just a additionnel tip). This game is a crazy far-West for modding [:D]

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