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welk -> Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/19/2012 12:20:13 PM)

Any interest in that sort of things , have seen modern flags in game folders. Want a little mod in desert with jet strike and heavy modern armored forces ?

or not ?[:D]

welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/26/2012 9:21:27 PM)

Attached is the look of the new units implemented for the mod. Sounds and parameters are adapted and work in the mod with realism. All these units are setted in 3 countries for human (Blueland). AI (Redland) has only one unic country (but with high improved parameters).

Human =
Blue1= land forces
Blue2= Attack helicos and special forces
Blue3= Air forces (Jet fighters and Jet strike (fight-bombers)

In this second aspect of the Academy war mod, the scale of units will be probably that : small units = companies or battalions ; large units = Battalions or regiments

The counters will have a special look (not displayed here) that will give to the map a "modern electronic" representation (opacity for counters, as if they were displayed on a electronic map[:D])


Grimnirsson -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/26/2012 11:00:45 PM)

Nice [:)]

Rosseau -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/26/2012 11:45:35 PM)

Please, keep this up. Looks exciting!

welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/27/2012 6:34:51 PM)

I am also excited by the possibilities I discovered[:D] In addition, I have the possibility to create 3 other unit types for my "modern forces" :

1/ Light motorized infantry (Less strengh than basic motorized infantry = less heavy weapons, but more faster)
2/ Heliported light arty (heliported mortars 80mm)
3/ Heavy mechanized units (more "heavy" than basic mechanized)

Engineers will be modelized and will reinforce cacities of units where they are attached : will use the "leaders" of tha vanilla game, in 2 different forms : basic logistic support, and improved engineers support.

All text of units, names, etc will be adapted in database with stringbase editor to adapt the game for modern warfare

I think that all units will have the same size : companies = 3 units will form a battalion, 9 a regiment (3 battalions per regiment); 18 a brigade ( 2 regiments) and 36 a complete division.

Will choice the company scale because in modern armies, the power fire/fight of a company = the power fire of a entire regiment (or more) in "old armies".

welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/28/2012 10:43:33 AM)

Added some new units in "modern oob"

This game is a complete fascinating univers : please, Doom : give the separate country sound possibility, modding would be improved for 500%[:'(] : all limitations I encouter will be solved = illimited unit types


welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/30/2012 11:18:07 AM)

It seems there is a bug in game : each time I want to rebase my aircrafts on map, then a strange ghost carrier appears on map. Any solution ?[:D]

Will be used to represent carriers in scenarios (other ships will be in close land sea nodes, but carriers not because they stay far of land combat theaters, to be in security at sea : so, they will be placed on "far false sea hex", with a eyecandies carrier. They will emport fighters, fight-bombers, bombers and helicopters + Missiles.


welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/30/2012 1:45:04 PM)

A heavy armed carrier in south seas...

This system will allow to have lot of fire possibilities for carriers because they will be placed "out of map", like in a classical wargame (in vanilla game, carriers have one possibility of fire, in the mod a one carrier will be able to use in the same turn fighters, fight-bombers, bombers, missiles AA and attack missiles). They will evidently not be able to move, but at the scale of mod and with modern carriers (high range operation), this "move aspect" has no special importance


welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/30/2012 6:55:00 PM)

New set of units mod : there are now 24 different units type, and 4 separate countries (each have one special const.ini):

Blue1 = Land forces
Blue 2 = Helicos, reco units and special forces
Blue3 = Air forces
Blue 4 = Marine troops

Eech unit type has his own parameters (for exemple : Marine troops (heliported or not) and heliported troops may enter on water hex, others units may not (these are false water hex, because the game does not allow that sort of thing)

At this time, I have encounter no bugs. I hope it will continue.[:'(]

After tests, I will try later to implement this same complete oob for AI (with special parameters to avoid non logical use of troops by AI)

Each troops has realistic sound for move or fight (the combinations were hard to do and I reached my goal finally, but it would be more better with the possibility to give special sounds for each separate country : the sounds would be more diversified)

Note : the work for BLIZ WAR ACADEMY WW2 continue, but I will probably to redo some additionnal things with the experience I have taken in this "modern war academy work"


welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/30/2012 9:17:33 PM)

New look of carriers (each carrier will be escorted by 2 or 3 frigates, also on map as eyecandies)

Finally, I have taken the way toi not use sea nodes in this mod because it allows more possibilities to noty use them. Water will be "false water", impassible for all units except marine troops. A little tip will allow other allied troops to "disembark" where the player want began the invasion (in case of "by sea invasion scenario")


doomtrader -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (4/30/2012 11:42:39 PM)

I'm really wondering where it will lead to.

welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/1/2012 6:51:34 PM)

It will give a game a little bit different [;)] : short scenarios (25/45 turns), more "nervous" game (the mod will be "generic" = no historical limitations, so I may set the parameters exactly how I want for the AI side)

Scenario will be like that : "Your mission is to reconquers a island that was invaded by a hostile country that had suprised your forces "(like Falkland's war, etc) ; "your mission is to securize for x turns a great valley in the south of the Karabidjanisthan country[:D], etc .

Player will be in situations like reality, but not "historical" : so, he will not know what will exactly happends, he will just know his order of battle, the air support he has from task force near coasts, his mission and the given time to accomplish it : he will take his own decisions concerning organization of his forces and the tactical actions he want to plane. When I will have more time, I will study the event system to add more "suspense" and to have random situations (exemple : apparition of guerilla units by events somewhere, special instructions by government : "take this sector whatever the cost may be or your carreers will end, etc)

I have to say that the possibility to play different sounds for each country (like graphs, using soundtype_France, soundtype_Germany, soundtype_Blue1, etc) would be much appreciated[:'(] : If I had this possibilty, the sounds would be more rich and diversified : for example, I would be able to give helico sound for "false tacticalk bombers= helicos" of a country, and a jet sound for "false tactical bombers= jet fighters" of a other country, etc.

If I had that, the modding system of this game would be absolutly perfect [;)] With some patience I have made adapted sounds, but it is less good than diversified sounds.

wodin -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 2:15:07 AM)

Tactical Nukes? Chemical Warfare?

gwgardner -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 4:24:17 AM)

amazing stuff, I'm watching with great interest.

Magpius -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 6:06:04 AM)

Welk, could you post a units.png image please.
I'd like to make a unit mod for this.

cpdeyoung -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 1:56:39 PM)

Do we really want a game where the AI has Tactical Nukes and Chemical Weapons?

I hope the ROE for the AI would prevent the end of game spoiler. I have always hated the use of Nukes in games.

I suspect I would not be fond of it in real warfare either.


welk -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 7:40:40 PM)

Attached are the unit files
(each separate country has a special unit.png file)

The work on this mod will be a little slowed because the summer comes and summer is not time for computer[:D], my little computer time will be to play the game and not to mod it. The work will continue after summer (I work in modding essentially in autumn and winter)

Concerning chemical warfame and nuke : I do not plane that sort of things in the mod, but I would perhap implement it as "special feature" if someone want to have it (the mod is more "tactical scale" than the vanilla game : my units are companies and batallions, not divisions and corps = not very adapted for that sort of weapons).

And in addition, the mod will be made for short operationnel level scenarios like that : "Take the control of this great island with your task force in 30 turns", but not not for a complete "WW 3"

Magpius -> RE: Modern warfare mod for Time of Fury (5/16/2012 9:52:28 PM)

Thanks Welk.
Enjoy the summer.
I will be watching le tour. (many late nights)
I agree it is quite a balancing act between mod & play.

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