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Mad Russian -> Anybody Home? (4/19/2012 2:52:13 AM)

Is this forum completely abandoned or just temporarily incapacitated?

Good Hunting.


junk2drive -> RE: Anybody Home? (4/19/2012 3:10:24 AM)

The game came out 6-7 years ago and didn't seem to have the kind of following to create an active forum or ladder.

The next game has been on the drawing board for a long time. A few people still check for info.

Mad Russian -> RE: Anybody Home? (4/19/2012 1:42:32 PM)

That's interesting since the price seems to have not changed.

There have been a couple of comments recently here about up and coming games in the series. If that's true you would think the 6-7 year old game would be reduced in price to generate new interest for the up and coming games.

Or maybe not.

Good Hunting.


PK Krukov -> RE: Anybody Home? (4/20/2012 10:08:38 PM)

I am still here if you're interested in PBEM'ing sometime. High Krausen might also be interested in being an opponent.

Mad Russian -> RE: Anybody Home? (4/21/2012 6:21:20 AM)

I'm away on business all next week. We'll see what happens after that.

Although I'm new to this game system so I probably wouldn't be much competition for you seasoned veterans...:)

Good Hunting.


PK Krukov -> RE: Anybody Home? (4/30/2012 10:33:35 PM)

The game system is really quite intuitive. I've never felt as if I was battling the mechanics of the game instead of the opposition.

Mad Russian -> RE: Anybody Home? (5/2/2012 12:51:01 AM)

Okay, I'm getting the game. Will be doing some AAR's for the system and we'll see how well I do.

After a couple games vs the AI I may be ready for some PBEM...although I'm not a very experienced player so take it easy on an old man....[:-]

Good Hunting.


PK Krukov -> RE: Anybody Home? (5/2/2012 1:14:46 AM)

I'll relate to you this anecdote about me and old men. I'm exercising by route marching with my rucksack. I've got probably 50lb of deadweight loaded plus my constantly-lightening load of water, another ten pounds. I usually walk a twelve kilometer circuit with this load, which has a 230 meter hill in the middle of it, which has 2000m of my route spread over it. I get to the foot of this hill, moving along a cliffside trail, when I encounter an old gentleman with a cane, birdwatching. We chat, he informs me that there's an eagle 'over that way a ways,' and it's hunting the other birds. I watch, but can't see this. This old man has Hubble Space Telescope-vision, I realize. We talk some more, he carries on. I begin climbing up the hill on the trail.

About twenty minutes later here comes the gentleman again, swinging his walking stick and humming. He's coming from in front of me... meaning he's circled the hill, climbed it, and made it halfway down in the time it took me to get halfway up. Okay. We talk again, and it turns out that in the afternoon he likes to walk laps of the hill. He said he'd go down to the cliffside trail and come back up, "race me to the top," he says jokingly. I laugh, we carry on.

Twenty minutes later again, he passes me as I'm climbing up the steps hacked into the side of this hill. My quads are on fire. This guy is the senior citizen embodiment of Atlas, and at a walking pace that outstrips my own - and I move very quickly on foot - he passes me. I just about **** a brick, because to my mind he's basically teleporting around the place. I cannot understand how he's moving so quickly.

I get off the stairs and climb a scree slope. It's easier on my legs at this point. I clamber up a grass slope. There's a gentle slope and then a stone wall. There's the old gentleman, standing behind it with his walking stick tucked under his arm, watching me scramble up the slope with my rucksack on. Tourists are looking at me like I'm a cliff-climbing commando come to sabotage their cars in the name of the fight against Hitler's Germany. When I get within earshot, the gentleman chides me for cheating and straying off the path. The only possible response is: "Yes sir. You still kicked my ass."

I now fear old men. "so take it easy on an old man" you say. Yeah... take it easy on me.[:D]

Mad Russian -> RE: Anybody Home? (5/2/2012 3:30:11 AM)

Well, this old man was raised in the Rocky Mountains and in days past climbed all over them. But now the knees are weak. No more climbing up and down canyon trails. These days I do well just to get my job done. [X(]

I've been gaming for awhile. I started back in 71. The days when there were about 15 wargames to pick from all told, if there were that many. I've had my share of playing, testing and designing them. But, as the days go by there is a knowledge that the race still often is won by the swiftest and that I don't carry that title much any longer. [8|]

In the past I've been known to be a bit aggressive with my style of play. Some would tell you that. Some here on these forums would tell you that. They might tell you that some of the scenarios I've created or helped to create would test your skills to their fullest.

Whatever else happens, the days go by... and we all get a little older. In another generation I'll be lucky to still be concerned with the results of a games outcome. [>:]

Until then I may still be able to surprise a gamer or two with what I've learned about my hobby over the past 40 years and still put up a good fight. [&o]

That sir, remains to be seen. [;)]

Good Hunting.


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