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welk -> BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF : new version updated (1/05/2012) (4/14/2012 5:19:28 PM)

Doom : With all explanations you provided on this forum, I started a little "basic modding guide" (Adobe Pdf format).

It will list all important things and their explanation = will be usefull for new gamers/modders and will allow for you to have not to repat again and again the same things[;)]

Here is the starting "demo" of the part concerning the const.ini file (attached file) -Need Adobe reader to be opened (get it free every where on internet). The document has been made with a official commercial version of Adobe Pdf, so : please, could you say me how it works as displaying in free adobe reader ?

I will complete this little guide with all informations I collected, and will ask I use winrar to compress files, not winzip. So, I renamto Doom for some things that must be explained

As result, the ToF community will have a synthetic document for modding ToF, heavy modifs or little modifs included.

In addition, I will give some tips to learn to work with Gimp (how to create in very short time opacity under Gimp, how to manage in very quick time the pb of calques under Gimp, etc)

This mini guide will come with old ToW modding lessons and "morning exercices" for Tof, etc. = a complete set of modding documentation for ToF modding.

The attached file is the most recent version of the first document of the guide
(Const.ini explanations)

This document will be completed in coming days, after some questions for Doom

To open it :
1-After downloaded the file, change the .zip extension in .rar extension
2-If you have not winrar, download it (everywhere on the web) = you must have installed winrar to be in order to open the file (for those who don't know winrar, it's a alternate program to compress files, like winzip = more efficient)


Take care : if you may not open the file after downloading it, it is not because the file is corrupted : Matrix forum does not accept .rar files, only zip files. But I use myself winrar to compress fils, not winzip. So, I renamed my winrar file file (changed extension), to be accepted here.

To be in order to open the file, you must download and install Winrar, that may be getted everywhere on the web (more better product than winzip) and to install it.

To register the file, simply right click on the link in the opened little window and choice "register as..."

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/14/2012 10:45:49 PM)

The guide will have no great interest for old specialist, who have already the needed infos and knowledges to make modding work, but after complete realease it will constitute a kind of "bank information" that could be usefull for new players who comes in the game if they want explanation or of they want to mod their game : they will not have to do all the searching work I had to do myself to learn modding for this game and it will save time for them.

So, sorry, Doom, for others numerous question that will coming soon, but it will contribute to build this complete ToF modding documentation for community[:'(]

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/14/2012 11:01:21 PM)

If some errors or mistakes, imprecisions, etc are in this doc : please, say me that , I will rectify quiclky.

doomtrader -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/14/2012 11:30:57 PM)

wouldn't it be the best solution to keep the most updated file always in the first post?


Can't unzip the attachment. Thanks in advance for the effort.

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF = SOS : lost doc Pdf ! (4/15/2012 9:58:48 AM)

Doom : you are right, when finishd, I will upload the complete version in first post and delete others

JLPOWEEL : the reason is probably that : my original file is in winrar format (extension .rar)
But here, only winzip files are supported (extrsion .zip)

So, when I create a compressed rar fil, I change the extension to upload it on the forum. Probably, you would have to re-change the extension of the file (from .zip to .rar). Of course, you need first to have installed winrar to be in order to open the file (you may download it everywhere on internet).

I have no other solution, sorry (perhaps would ne great if this forum would support .rar extension, winrar is -in my opinion- better than winzip for compression (I do not like winzip beCause this program is a little bit "imperialist" [:D] : it want always have the absolute monopole to compress the files, and in the past, when I deleted winzip, I noticid that some of my compressed files were definitivly altered due to this suppression[ : so bad :(] : then, I definitivly choiced winrar as compression tool.

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/16/2012 9:19:35 PM)

Too bad ! I did a false manipulation and lost my const ini in Pdf format with all commentary.

If someone had download it last days, please, could you upload it for me ? Thanks a lot for that

Magpius -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/17/2012 3:42:49 PM)

great idea here welk. I'll do what I can to help.
How about a shared google doc instead of a pdf?

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/19/2012 12:12:35 PM)

I uploaded a new and more complete version o the guide

welk -> RE: BASIC MODDING GUIDE FOR ToF (4/23/2012 8:24:35 PM)

Updated the guide with last answer from Doom on the forum.

Will be more completed when all anwsers awailable

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