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johnnyvagas -> Play to the Bitter End…Rant Warning! (4/13/2012 4:50:33 PM)

When you enter into a PBEM or server GC41-45 with someone or some ones’, how do we all interpret the promise of “we intend to play to the bitter end”? Apparently it means we expect our opponents to play to the bitter end as long we are thrashing them. However, if the hobnailed boot gets thrust onto the other foot…well, the “bitter end” apparently means as soon as the weather turns a bit frosty.

Speaking of “bitter” I feel the compunction to vent a bit…and this directed particularly at those players who have some playing experience with the game and therefore have a feel for what to expect. Don’t toss out the unsolicited claim that you intend to “play to the bitter end” only to up and quit 4-turns into the blizzard. I’ve gotten this from Axis players in too many games over the last year of playing WiTE.

Playing the Russians isn’t a huge bundle of joy during the first 17 to 25-turns of the 41-45GC. The carrot for most Russian players is the knowledge that at the end of the Summer and fall pain there will be a chance to switch over to the offensive. That is why a lot of us who play the Russian side suffer through those first 17 to 25 turns of getting slammed around; getting pocketed; and trying to mount limited counterattacks with craptacular CVs. It’s amazingly irritating to play a game for 3-months of real-time and suffer thru the slings and arrows of the Axis summer and fall offensive of 1941 only to have the Axis player\players up and quit three or four turns into the blizzard. Be a man and take your medicine -- at least up to the spring mud.

And before I get the inevitable Axis players claiming how harsh the blizzard is on their fragile psyche, I’ve played the Axis a fair amount and have never up and quit in the middle of the blizzard. I will play through the blizzard “to the bitter end”. And you know what, I’ve always had an Army come spring time, and I’ve always managed to put some hurt on my Russian opponents come the Summer of 1942.

If you are going to take on the responsibility of playing the Axis in a GC41-45 game you should – at a minimum -- play through the entire blizzard as way of compensating your Russian opponent for having to endure your 1941 summer and fall romp.

Rant over…have a nice day.

gids -> RE: Play to the Bitter End…Rant Warning! (4/13/2012 7:44:46 PM)

:) you made me laugh :p im a noob on the german sides of things but im willing to try ,i dont give up that easily i think ,email me if interested ,maybe i can make up some of your bad expirience

noissy -> RE: Play to the Bitter End…Rant Warning! (4/13/2012 10:30:53 PM)

Maybe you guys should check my site out?
Couple of guys playing now and I'm looking for more members.


wurger54 -> RE: Play to the Bitter End…Rant Warning! (4/16/2012 2:00:04 AM)

Well said. Unfortunately there are no guarantees, and interests change. When looking for an email game, I figure to go through half a dozen people before I find a keeper. The people I'm currently running games with, I've known for 10 and 20 years. Even then, we've both gone belly up on occasion due to various things. Seems like the eastern front is the only constant. First WIR, now this. If I had to retire with a game, this might be it. [:D]

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