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wga -> WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (4/12/2012 7:48:18 PM)

I have the original WITP. My likely opponent (with whom I played a SPI campaign for a year's worth of Saturdays in 1985) will start a campaign game after a few runs of Uncommon Valor. He can either buy WITP or we both buy WITP-AE. How do I justify the purchase? Is WITP a worthy game in itself? Is WITP-AE better or just even more detail at a loss of playability. I do not wish to make a PhD investment.

Seems WITP is a huge committment of discretionary time; cannot displace the scores of boardgames I play in pbem tournaments and ladders. I have completed a number of SSI/Matrix Pacific War and computer War in Europe. Still have War in the East and War Between the States to start some day. Played a lot of Apple II War in the East/PC Second Front and can play matrix WIR, not to mention Computer War in Europe. Have several SPI War Between the states and VictoryGames/Avalon The Civil War going by vassal.

As an older gamer, I remember fondly the playability and simplicity of the SSI/Grigsby games. USAAF, Bomb Alley remain favorites and my 1984 Apple IIe still runs! Can always emulate but those games run too fast on modern Macintoshes and PCs.

dr.hal -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (4/12/2012 8:24:34 PM)

Hi Tom, AE is the only way to go (IMHO).... I had the old WITP and it was great, but for detail and far more interesting playability (especially if you get into details that try to reflect "realism"), AE is a far better game! It is a steeper learning curve so don't kid yourself that it is going to be easy, but if you do the smaller scenarios and work up, you should have it down pretty quickly. The guys on this forum are for the large part fantastic in their willingness to help out. So don't hesitate to post here. Hal

radar -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (4/12/2012 8:39:29 PM)

I have all three...UV, WiTP and WiTP-AE. My personal preference is vanilla WiTP. If you're already familiar with UV, it isn't a big step to go to WiTP.

I feel the game is realistic enough, although I admit AE has some cool stuff not found on WiTP. But WiTP is fun to play and you can avoid learning some minute details required to get the most out of AE.

tocaff -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (4/12/2012 10:51:01 PM)

UV was huge in it's day, but people wanted more control and details.  Along came WITP which dwarfed UV.  Once more people wanted more control and detail.  In the quest for additional realism AE was born and it goes beyond WITP. 

What you want depends on how much detail and control is right for you.  I was a late convert to WITP from UV and own AE.  I've played short scenarios with AE, but never tried a campaign as I continue to find it a bit much for me. 

It's all up to the individual and their wants.

wdolson -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (4/13/2012 12:04:47 AM)

If you asked this question in the AE forum, you'd probably get more enthusiastic replies pro-AE. Ultimately, I think AE is about an equal time commitment to WitP once you're past the learning curve and it gives you a lot of things WitP never had.

I personally like AE a lot better, though I was a bit frustrated for a few days learning the ropes.

The center of gravity for the series has switched to AE. The AE forum is much busier than this one now.

Ultimately it's a personal choice though. There still are players on WitP.


wga -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (7/3/2012 8:58:48 PM)

After further evaluatio,n my preference is that I prefer WITP over WITP-AE (I have both) but likely may never play either given preference to a campaign game vs human opposition (playing vs AI is just killing time) . I do not value the chrome and new player demands added to AE. Similar to I prefer to play Squad Leader Series vs Advance Squad Leader for the last several decades. The added complexity, cost, incessent die rolls, and things out of a players control; add no enjoyment to the game. At some point, the added detail negates the value to the game. However this break even point varies from person to person.

kmitahj -> RE: WITP vs WITP-Admirals Ed? (7/9/2012 5:33:37 PM)

EDIT: ups... wrong thread sorry [:'(]

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