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olivier34 -> Problem with free setup on (4/10/2012 1:53:41 PM)

Keunert and I decided to play the case yellow scenario with Free setup and Equalise on.
I realise when playing the turn "14th of May" as France that my previous moves (13th of May) have not been saved...but we found another problem. The morale value of the Allies were too high. France and Britain 128, Belgium 106 and Netherlands 84...
We decided to start another game and we have the same problem...
I did launch on my own a game and I found out that at the start of the french setup, France and Britain have 128 of morale, Belgium and Netherlands the normal value but when I start the setup of Belgium, this country get a morale of 110. When i start the Netherlands one, Netherlands get 100...
I have updated to the last version (1.04g to 1.04i) but it did change nothing.
Keunert is a great opponent but with this morale values, the german army will surely be defeated in two weeks [:D]
Here are some screenshots:


Keunert -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/10/2012 5:01:38 PM)

as the programmer of this game is dutch, i think he might have done this on purpose.

critter -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/11/2012 1:30:37 AM)



as the programmer of this game is dutch, i think he might have done this on purpose.

The Dutch launch a pre emptive attack and destroy the 18th Army.
Taking Berlin on June 2nd, Hitler swings on a gallows pole.[:D]

Keunert -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/11/2012 9:41:28 AM)

In other words it could be blamed on the hesitating dutch military command that Europe was lying in ashes?

Josh -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/11/2012 1:27:44 PM)

Unfortunately the Dutch army was no match (to put it polite) for the German Wehrmacht because of drastic financial cuts (and this happens again these days) . Pre WWI guns had to be hauled out of museums to get at least *some* firepower.

Vic -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/15/2012 8:51:51 PM)

I am putting this issue on my to-do list guys. I am planning a MAJOR update of WTP after release of DC:Case Blue.

best regards,

olivier34 -> RE: Problem with free setup on (4/17/2012 8:06:08 AM)

Thank you Vic.
I have had the same issue with the case white scenario, free setup on. The first turn the polish had a nation morale of 100 but the next it was at 133. What happend is that all the units have seen their morale increase by 5 % (as per the rule) until it gets to 1,33 times the starting morale value (After six turns, those with 50 at the beginning had 66, the 1st legion went from 70 to 93 !)
My opponent Kolinski playing the german did fight until the end but the polish army did not break at all, even with the soviets back stabbing them. They were fighting Elite troops all over the map. [;)]
I have run another game and did not have this problem issue...[&:]

Best regards

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