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sandman2575 -> Worth the extra $10 for physical manual? (4/8/2012 10:48:19 PM)

So, simple-minded question, I know, but I assume the physical CD for FOF comes with the complete printed manual?

If so, I'm guessing it's worth the extra $ for the manual - ?

I felt burned after buying the physical copy of WitE only to discover the manual was a fraction of the complete copy, and hence useless. I'm of the mind that with big, complex games, a physical copy of the manual is a must (looking at you, WitP:AE). I find trying to read a couple-hundred pages in pdf format on my kindle really cumbersome...

Anyway, if you are of the "YES, GET THE PRINTED FoF MANUAL" school, I'm ready to be persuaded --

Gräfin Zeppelin -> RE: Worth the extra $10 for physical manual? (4/8/2012 11:08:51 PM)

After a few patches the manual is a bit outdated (but not as much as in WitP AE) its a good read and still usefull imo.
Oh and get this game its realy great. I never been interested in ACW games at all but FoF is a real gem of a game.

sandman2575 -> RE: Worth the extra $10 for physical manual? (4/9/2012 2:06:28 AM)

^thanks for the response. think i'll have to pull the trigger on this...

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