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nomet -> The Manual! (4/7/2012 6:00:01 PM)

Here is a draft of the manual. We would love is you guys would like to take a look and say what you think before we send it out into the first patch! (so we don't miss something important)

Manual Download

VPaulus -> RE: The Manual! (4/7/2012 7:55:08 PM)

I didn't read, but the presentation seems quite good. [:)]

Der Kuenstler -> RE: The Manual! (4/8/2012 2:21:43 AM)

Does the manual explain what all the symbols mean over the squad members? I couldn't find that.

nomet -> RE: The Manual! (4/8/2012 4:38:23 AM)

No we will add the icons description before sending it out!

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