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garywjamison -> Shipyard repairs (4/5/2012 11:08:56 PM)

Dear fellow gamers:

How do you move damaged BBs or CAs from Pearl Harbor to Seattle or San Diego? If you have to stay in Pearl is the best approach to put some ships in the shipyards for floatation repairs while other BBs and CAs get other repairs pierside?


Gary Jamison

Alfred -> RE: Shipyard repairs (4/5/2012 11:12:40 PM)

This is the wrong sub-forum. You are reducing considerably the number of people who will see it here.

For ship repairs, see this thread.


jmalter -> RE: Shipyard repairs (4/7/2012 4:50:31 AM)

hi gary,

while Alfred is right to say that this ain't the correct forum for your post, he did give you a direct link to his ShipRepair101 post, which has tons of good info. IMO it's okay that you posted here, since you're new to the forums (btw, welcome!).

i think you'll find the following points helpful:
1) keep your damaged ships at Pearl for now, prioritize the least-damaged for shipyard repair.
2) check the Pearl shipyard for damage, set its repair ON, it likely took some hits on Dec 7. the repairs will cost supply points, but Pearl has plenty.
3) don't send ships to the WestCoast for repair, until their sys damage is 0, and their float damage is ~50.
4) when creating a TF of cripples, include as much ASW as you can. I-boats are lurking near your destination ports! set the TF speed to low, else the damaged ships will accrue add'l damage in transit. try to 'sanitize' the seas around your destination ports, w/ whatever ill-trained air and nav ASW you can spare.
5) you'll be needing lots of shipyard capacity to begin 'upgrading' your ships. many upgrades require a shipyard cap of 5, to begin. but once they've started their upgrades, you can move them to pierside mode, they'll continue to upgrade, and you'll avoid overload of the port's shipyard capability.

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