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kam99 -> Out of Eight Review (4/5/2012 1:44:26 PM)

The Out of Eight Review is up...


Xerkis -> RE: Out of Eight Review (4/5/2012 2:23:52 PM)

Too bad he is wrong on a two of his main points.
The main one that he mentioned over and over again. That you donít know if you are behind cover or not. See screen print below. Green shield means behind cover - no shield, not behind cover.


The issues about the AI acting the way it does in his examples Ė most of it (if not all) can and does go away if you build a proper AI Force in the Force Builder. Which unfortunately Ė the forces that came with TA are good, but donít exactly allow the AI to do itís best.

Some of his other points that he spent the most time on seemed more valid, Like a interactive tutorial would be very good to have. And (here we go again) on the reaction or opportunity fire Ė which has been talked to death over and over again in other forums (still wish we had this one as well Ė but we donít. I think we need to just move on or wait for a version 2.)

Laxen -> RE: Out of Eight Review (4/5/2012 4:19:28 PM)

A very nice article with interesting content to read, especially for me :)

And yes. The over-head icons are turned off by default, and these are required to see the cover feedback above soldiers (you can still see them kneeling while within the cover zone). They are turned on using the H key. We chose to make them turned off by default to avoid overwhelming information to new players. This decision can, as all decisions can, be discussed.

Too bad that James (the writer) didn't like the if-one-solder-moves-so-must-the-rest "feature". It was a tough decision. It limits the player but also makes game more fluid - so that you can just click your orders away, not having to select it for each soldier separately. Since the game is played in such a way that one player have to wait for the other, we valued this. I have a long background in miniature tabletop gaming, like warhammer and warmachine and such, where such behaviour is standard. I guess that affected my judgement too.

Xerkis -> RE: Out of Eight Review (4/5/2012 5:56:36 PM)

After a few back and forth emails - I have convinced him of his error.
He has added this to the top of his review.

"UPDATE (4/5/12): A helpful reader has informed me that you can see if units are behind cover by pressing the "H" key. A guided tutorial would have really helped."

As per my other thread ---- I'm still offering to give personal guilded tutorials to those that want them.

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