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gwgardner -> gui mod (4/4/2012 7:00:12 PM)

A feature of SoP that I never liked is the movable unit, hex, and combat info windows, that default off.

So I created a mod that positions those windows along the right side of the display, such that they do not overlap and don't need repositioning. They do have to be opened at the start of the turn.

Combine this with the transparency mod, that I did not create but some people may not notice in this sub-forum way down a year or so ago, and you get a display like the one in the screenshot.

This is for the 1440x900 resolution, but could be easily ported to any other resolution you prefer to use.


gwgardner -> RE: gui mod (4/4/2012 7:05:00 PM)

Place the png file in the data/gfx folder, place the GUI_1440x900.csv in the data folder. Of course copy the originals to a safe place first.

See this old thread for info on modifying any other resolution file similarly:

gwgardner -> RE: gui mod (12/10/2016 4:51:47 AM)

Here's the file for 1680x1050

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