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jscott991 -> How to Mod Leaders (4/4/2012 4:37:07 AM)

There are two leader files that I can see. A leaders61 and then a leaders 61c file.

Whenever I mod the leaders61c file, nothing happens.

When I mod the leaders61 file, no matter how small the change, no leaders appear in the game at all.

I just want to make some leaders available sooner.

Floyd -> RE: How to Mod Leaders (4/4/2012 10:09:10 PM)

First make a copy of the leaders61.txt file. The file has one line per general, with the meaning
of each entry in the first line; for example:

LeaderData(Grant,Ulysses S,2,4,3,4,1,3,1,0,13,3,3,1,3,1,2,6112,253)

Important is the number labeled "delay", that is 6112 for Grant.
6112 means "year 61" and "month 12", and with a scenario start in
July 61 this calculates to a delay of 5 (turns or month) in the leader's page
(hotkey F5). So, in Jan 62 Grant's delay will go down to 0 and
he will enter the map. There is of cause the chance to get him earlier
as can be seen in the tutorial video.

If you want to place the general "on map" from the start, make his delay
earlier than the scenario start, for example:

Where does the general enter the map? I think (!) that the column "start"
is related to the region where he enters the map, but i'm not sure.

jscott991 -> RE: How to Mod Leaders (4/4/2012 10:22:10 PM)

I have tried this several time, setting some generals (Slocum, Porter, Franklin, Smith, for example) to 6105. All that happens is that every leader in the game disappears.

Floyd -> RE: How to Mod Leaders (4/4/2012 10:26:56 PM)

Oh, i've just tested to put Grant on the map, region 253, Springfield.
Worked as expected.
Make sure you have all units (hotkey 'c') and generals ('l') enabled on the map.

jscott991 -> RE: How to Mod Leaders (4/10/2012 4:51:12 PM)

The answer to this issue was to make sure Excel was not the program I was using. Something about how it saves the file, even when you say use original format, was causing the game to not recognize it.

jscott991 -> RE: How to Mod Leaders (4/27/2012 12:33:00 AM)

Once again, I'm having trouble with this file.

I keep trying to increase McClellan's command rating from 16 to 18, 19, or 20. It never works.

I have been able to change the dates of leaders entering, but this isn't working at all.

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