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USTA - Not much to report, continuing to attempt to break isolationism, almost to 10% chance now. Once that happens each turn ill be getting a fair chance at waking up, sometime within the next 6-10 turns the USA will surely be in the game.

The worlds at war. We sit patiently by waiting for our chance at the table. Were finishing up our last pre-req tech next turn, basic training, then PP production can slow and unit production begin.

China - Peace accord signed with Japan, and talks begin on China joining the axis.

This creates a tiny problem for me as ill be playing opposite sides. Though the chances of USTA forces and Chinese forces having much contact is pretty slim.

I do however think this is better than what would happen to the poor Japanese player when the USA wakes up, allies with China, and unrealistically plops its entire army in Shanghai. Without constraints of port sizes, distance, and communication, the already very large army the USA starts with, supplemented by whoever it diplo-annexed, could make short work of Japan in mainland Asia. Depriving it of both alot of production and resources, and on the home islands there are only 3 clear hexes on which to build factories, without any other holdings of clear hexes, Japan has zero chance of building up a respectable industry.

China is still wary of the this alliance with the USSR.

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