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Xerkis -> On The Job Training (4/3/2012 1:51:17 PM)

There seems to be some real frustration out there among some of the new players. Obviously, we do not want that.

So here’s an idea and an offer to those that are interested. I think you can go back and forth on a forum, but it still is more theory then practical information. Sure, some of it helps from here, but not as much as it would while “under fire”.

I hope that those from Zeal or others that were truly beta testing Team Assault (not just signed up for it) can help out in this too.

Doing some Multi Playing against those that are having trouble catching on to how to the game works. But the point of the MP games will not to be playing the game – it will be more to be learning the game. So there really will be a lot of in game chat on what you are doing or trying to do or how to better do something – and not at all being concerned about the game itself and “winning” it. This way (if need be) you can allow the “enemy” to walk right up so you can watch what he is trying to do without him getting blown away and seeing what is going on.

Anyone interested in something like this from either side of the fence?

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