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nomet -> How it works. (4/2/2012 4:10:06 PM)

Here is a video recording with some gameplay and explanation of how the game works. For both those confused and the ones who just want to know more about the game.

Streaming version:

GeneralChaos -> RE: How it works. (4/3/2012 9:02:35 AM)

YouTube it!!! Please.

nomet -> RE: How it works. (4/3/2012 9:32:39 AM)

Yes I will it's just hard cause youtube only allows 10 min videos.

VPaulus -> RE: How it works. (4/3/2012 11:40:44 AM)

Create several parts. [:)]
With youtube you just have to pass the link to other people watch.

nomet -> RE: How it works. (4/3/2012 2:33:51 PM)

I put it on Vimo witch supports longer videos.

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