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1st Sgt Tnic -> Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 2:46:00 PM)

The entire time I played this one (all 6 times) all I could think of was Clint Eastwood's Hamburger Hill (and the shower scenes). Of course we can't forget "The Ayatollah of rock & rollah." firing up that bulldozer to pave the way up the hill for the USMC Recon platoon.

Anyway, this is another great noobie scenario. Short (12 six hour turns) and on a small island with just a few troops to manage. As always reading the scenario briefing gives you many helpful clues to enjoy success early in this one.

First things first. All aircraft were put in Interdiction mode and set to Minimize Losses. They did an outstanding job killing Cuban and Grenadian soldiers without the need for using them in CS roles. The ground troops were left in Limit Losses the entire scenario.

The main focus early is to rescue the students and the Governor. So I choppered the 2 Seal teams into secure the Gov and one student location. The other 2 student hexes were secured with the last helo load of Rangers and then a air drop of the Ranger Btn.The Marines were landed mid way up the west coast and were poised to assist the Seals at the Gov's mansion should the need arise. With only an anti AC unit on the southwestern tip I wasn't concerned for the student's safety with the Seals and Rangers to keep em safe.


1st Sgt Tnic -> RE: Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 2:51:28 PM)

Turn 3

The students and the Governor are safely off shore now in their evac sites and the enemy turned tail and ran with very little encouragement so now I'm looking at capturing the objectives including the Airport on the east coast. The interdiction job from the air troops have already begun to whittle the few Commie troops down to easily managed size.


1st Sgt Tnic -> RE: Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 2:58:43 PM)

Turn 5

We are now in "mop up" mode. The push east is going well and the few enemy troops in the north were defeated swiftly. The plan now is to try to "pocket" the remaining Cubans & Grenadians who foolishly continue to fight and retreat, mostly retreat.

With the push to eradicate them I have started some limited attacks with great results. Again, those A7s, attack choppers and the AC 130 gunship have had little trouble beating the snot of them.


1st Sgt Tnic -> RE: Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 3:07:16 PM)

Turn 6

Almost there. The last of the objectives have been captured and now its only a matter of time before the remaining few fighters are surrounded and give up the ghost.

The Militia in the red circle is the last element from a Btn that has already succumbed. They were killed by AC fire between turns as it turns out.


1st Sgt Tnic -> RE: Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 3:10:34 PM)

Turn 7

And the end is near. The noose is in place as the last fighters are pocketed ready for destruction. They refused the offer of surrender so death shall be thy reward.


1st Sgt Tnic -> RE: Grenada - A tussle in the tropics. (4/2/2012 3:13:31 PM)

Turn 8

Sweet success! I always loved Ronnie "Raygun" for never being afraid to go squash little punks like them and delivering a very clear message to the other punks of the world.


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