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welk -> Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 10:13:00 AM)

Perhaps founded a little modding tip to create with this game a special fast scenario editor that will allows to build operationnal/strategic battles (non historical, just for war academy) on map 100x100 (or more), at scale 1/20 000 000 (1 hex = 1cm = 20 km) with divisions and brigades (not corps and divisions). Each game will be playable on different maps, but the order of battle would stay the same (with possible and fast modifications in CSV files, to add or retry units) : then, it would be possible for me to create series of (non historic) battles, on different maps, to constitute a kind of "Blitz war academy" with different situation (I;e : how to plane a great offensive in a mountain lands, how to resist again a heavy opposed force with limited forces, etc : it would be a very funny alternate way to use this game (a kind of "operationnel art of war" made with ToF). I am very excited to explore this new aspect of the game, I discovered [:'(]

Doom, a question, please : Does a new scenario need absolutly a AI data file with Ai scriopts, or may a new scen work without ? If needed, I will create a special AI data type

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 11:48:37 AM)

You don't have to script the AI, as it does have some default settings, however you don't except it is going to be smart.

For the AI logic you need to have cities connected with the cities diagram, so the AI can be able to plan anything.
(From the game perspective the cities don't have to be cities - check out the Iwo Jima scenario for Storm over the Pacific)

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 12:00:48 PM)

Doom, other question, please : I tried to change the name of units in the units name CSV file, like this, to have divisions in place of corps and brigades in place of divisions (I will modify the graph according)

(I made the change for all countries, to be sure it will work)

1 Infantry
2 Infantry divisions
3 Motorised
4 Motorised divisions
5 Brigades
6 Armoured divisions
7 Airborne brigades
8 Fighters
9 Tact. Bombers
10 Strat. Bombers
11 Carrier Group
12 Battle Group
13 Patrol Group
14 Submarine Group
15 Transport Fleet
16 Amph. Fleet
17 Mulberry

But the pb is that it seems have no effect in game : type of units in game stay as original : corps and divisions. What is the good way to change this ?

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 12:52:46 PM)

Sorry for that but, not a critic but I stop now all modding work with this crazy editor[:@] : errors exception messages, error exception, error exception. Grr... Possibility of modding work are very great with the game and lot of things could be made, but I never seen a so crazy tool, so capricious, so badly bugged, so[sm=00000003.gif]. Time spent for nothing, to work with and to create a new scenario is a real nightmare, even for an experimented modder, will wait for a new version later.

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 12:53:20 PM)

the file you have modified, affected names of units build during the game.

What you need to do is to change the units name for good.

The best thing you can do is to:
go to your scenario folder, open info.ini file and edit the entry to be like this:
SmallUnitsSize = 4
LargeUnitsSize = 5

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 1:01:54 PM)

Ok, thanks. But I can not work, too much error exception messages;during new scenario creation,, and then impossible to play the new created scenario. Too bad, this game is very moddable, but it comes with a crazy editor, veryu difficult to be used : what is the utility ? Great deception in the editor, and I worked hard to try, and try, spent some hours to work with the system, but for nothing.

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 1:32:39 PM)

From my experience it is easier to modify existing scenario rather than creating new one from the scratch, also after few years of working with it I don't feel the need of using the editor, except the editing the map.
The most time consuming settings are countries and consts so you can copy those values/files from the existing campaign.

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 2:08:02 PM)

To build a 100% moddable game without to provide a correct editor has non sense, in my opinion. With ini and csv modification, you may just edit some modification of the existing scenarios, but you have not the possibility to build something entirely new (the possibilities of this game in modding are great, and a correct editor would allow to build some very good things, this bad tool is a strategic error of Wasterland for the carreer of the game : all great hits had a serious and good editor. The result of this bugged tool is that I will just play this 100% moddable game as it's provided and no more mod it : for a 100% moddable game (and I say again : the possibilities are enormous, I am sure yourself, you don't know exactly what great gemm you have in hands, this game has fabulous possibilities of expansion in wargame), this is a curious situation to have repulsed with his badly editor a experimented modder.
If I could have in hand a virgin and ok (without any bug) scenario, with 2 countries ready, a land map only (50 x 50 hex or more) that works, you would see what can be realized with your game. But tried to modify existing scenario, and spent time for nothing : when you erase some things in CSV files, then game crashes at start.

I would only need a new scenario with 2 countries, 1 land unit in each side (I would add other units myself), with only land map (no sea node), that works : this basic scenario would be used by me to create something entirely new, and I think, good for the reputation of the game in the wargame community. I would add, in CSV files, all the units I need, commanders, etc, and place all units in "reserve" (not placed on the map). Then, when I want to create a battle, I would just need to edit the map with editor, and save. After that, I would lunch the game and use the F12 key to set the 2 countries "human" (if not made in editor). I would realize the deployment of the 2 oob, and then I will save the game : this "saved game" would be diffused for players, ready to be played. With this way, I would have the possibility to create series and series of battle situations, with different map for each battle (but same oob, or just modified in CSV file). Using the division/brigade level dor a "operationnal war academy" would provide a different way to use the game. But impossible for me to create the basic scenario : editor does not work properly, and to do hevay modif in existing scenarios (to erase units, etc) causes crash . Too bad [:@]

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 7:25:58 PM)

The big problem with this game is that you can not stop modding it once you have began[8|] Will try again, and again...

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/2/2012 11:50:57 PM)

A Polish fairy has sent to me some reinforcements, the "Blitz War Academy mod run again" [:'(]

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/3/2012 7:56:17 AM)

If the goal may be reached, players who will use the "Blitz war academy" mod will be able : 1/To play typic WW2 battles (non historical, just "academic situations", like a "strategy school", as "training" 2/ To create their own battles (historical or not, as they prefer).

The leng of these little scenarios will be free : 10, 20,30 40, 100 turns or more, etc turn, as designer prefer. Maps will have different sizes.

The level will be that : 1 hex = 15/20 km Larges units = divisions (not corps) small units = brigades.
(but players would be able to play with corps and division, if they prefer this level)

It would give, as result, a system like "operationnel art of war", the game of Norm Kruger, in a more accessible and synthetic version. All kind of battles will be realizable, for all historical periods between approx. 1920-1965 (but only with land/air warfare, not naval units).

Thanks to Doom for the help [&o]

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/3/2012 11:10:12 AM)

A screen to show the project in work

It's just a quick map 50 x 50 , no good worked, made in few time

The system will allow to play what sort of battle you prefer, and will include new terrains, stream that slow move, etc

The only thing that will be missing will the long range arty (the campaign arty is considered as included in divisions and brigades, due to the scale of system : 1 hew = 20 km), but in game human vs huma, it would be perhaps possible to modd (I will see later) the air strikes as long range heavy arty (with house rule in human vs human games : interdiction to use them for reco, fighters would just be awailable for this reco job)

The "national borders" are in this map geometric (simple line), but it will be like in the vanilla game at final result of work. This sustem, playable with all size map, will allow you to play historical or non historical battles for 1920 to 1965 (conventionnal operationnal level battles) : a bonus "game in the game"[:'(]


welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/3/2012 10:44:48 PM)

Sorry for that, Doom, but I have to stop the work again, and definitivly.

In the attached screen is the result of some hours of work... Blitz war Academy was a good dream, and the game was very adapted for a "Operationnel mod", but it needed a good editor.

At this time, this game is very great to be played, but absolutly un-moddable, the editor is definitivly a crap (except for graph modifications, that work fine, and some awailable modifications in CSV/INI files). So, like Agent S, I stop modding work, will see later if a good editor is made. Very disappointed about that, it's a pity, too bad, because the game is a diamant. But I am player/modder, not un-bugger[:'(][:-] My deception is very great, because with this game, lot of things could be made in modding. Perhaps I am damned :One time, the editor of a game is ggod and the game is bas, one other time the game and the editor are bad, one time the game is excellent and the editor a crap. In this case, the game is fabulous, so good than Strategic Comand 1, but the editor seems have decided to make the designers crazy. Grrrrrrrrrrr ![:(]


For each clik you do, you have 50% risk to receive this kind of message. How can you work in good conditions ? You build with the obsession to have a seriuos bug and to have worked for nothing. Very frustrating. Now, il am going to take revenge on some Polish divisions[:D], ToF as game is perfect for that[:D]

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/3/2012 11:30:38 PM)

Doh, you have zoomed out too much.

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/4/2012 12:21:53 AM)

It was not the only pb : I had some other error messages, and in addition, the game grashed when scenario was lunch. So, no interest to continue the work, will try later, if editor is improved. At at this time, I am in Warsaw, some poor polish troops were on my way and I have put them outside of the road. It's good, sometimes to have the last word [:D]

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/4/2012 7:16:35 AM)

I know, we are planning to focus on those issues after the Easter.

However does the 'white screen' error happen on the latest version?

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/4/2012 11:12:56 AM)

Yes : with the last sent, and with the "basic map", during the only work for terrains (I was just working on plain, mountains, etc.

So, not so bad, I will have time to play more the game during waiting. I have opened a second Poland campaign to verify some things about the IA conduct of war, and I noticed that I was again victim of polish encirclement whern I drop isolated Pz div to the east. This Polish IA is very redoubtable and sneaky, it gave me some ideas for a future scenario 1920-1921, a war between Poland and Urss (these 2 countries only in scenario), because I have seen that dates may be change on the game.

Concerning the editor, I have to say that I would be able to pay for a such free bug product :It is a cruel and inhuman torture to give us this fabulous game without a complete usable editor [:D], and frustration is at very high level to not be able to work with for heavy modifications and new games (As I said to you, Time of Fury may be considered as a fabulous engine for wargamers, to create their own PC wargames for period 1920-1965 without any programming knowledges : the only obstacle is this damned crazy editor[:(]

Magpius -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/4/2012 3:38:28 PM)

I often get an out of range error when trying to add terrain to the edges of the map.
But they can often be ignored.
While progress IS being made, it is still a long way from functional.
Which is frustrating.

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/4/2012 4:58:09 PM)

Yes, I have seen that, some errors during work editor may be ignored. But my pb is that, in addition of such errors, the concerned scenario crashed without apparent reason, as I had made juste only light work (placement of terrain : mountains, hills, etc), no sophisticated work. The editor seems need to be heavy revised, I think.

And I have to say that the error reported in the screen blocked entirely the editor (must do Ctr+alt+Suppr to open the special end of program windows to close the editor)

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 12:55:35 PM)

Work for Blizwar academy mod has started again and has no more bugs (*) (bugs came from a map made with 1.02 version of game, as I use 1.01 version).

(*) The mod has nomore bugs in map, but the editor is always bugged, as he was. I just use it only for terrain, and all other things are mad under excel. Ts's the reason for what sea nodes and ports are not present, because they must be made in editor (for connexion work), and this part of editor is heavy bugged.

Players will be able to fight in Westland and Eastland, 2 ennemy countries, on variable map sized (small or large huge, but always "Island continent" and with only land/air warfare, never naval warfare), with variable oob each time (large or small the both, or one large and other smaller, etc= challenges). Maps are easy to build now, starting at "sea map" (that avoid the pb of hex borders that causes bugsin editor), usin a basic tool map, and to create a scenario will not take long time. The opponent countries will be Westland, Eastland, Southland and Northland, depending of configuration of maps (orientation West/east or North/south)

The scenario will be medium or short (in the screen : 48 turns, but could be 24, 50, etc as designers want to do), and will allow players to experiment different strategic situations in this virtual "Military Academy" (how to defend against a heavy armored force ; how to to a bliz invasion in very short limited time ; etc

Size of units is that : small units = brigades ; large units = Divisions no arty in game Vs IA, but heavy arty may be introduced in game human vs human, I will see that later : the tip will be to use, for each side, air forces as a separate country, and to reserve the "original air forces" for arty use, with different PNG graphs in each case)

Scenarios will be only "strategic", not diplomatic : always 2 opponent, as in a "theorical kriegspiel"

There are 2 new terrains : very high montains (100% impassible) and "forest on hills"

If Doomtrader could give some answers to my questions here, would be great and would help


doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 1:50:01 PM)


If Doomtrader could give some answers to my questions here, would be great and would help

Slowly I'll try to answer them

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 5:47:59 PM)

This game is demoniac[:D] Never seen a so vicious IA without special script for a scenario : in my little scenario test, I have given it some general "solid values" (PP in stock and production cities high), and I have now to face a feroce tiger[:'(]

IA has made 3 offensives in the North, to realize in 2 turns a splendid encercliement, I'm in retreat and confusion.

Please, Doom, sorry for all my questions on the game, but try to answer, I do not want to miss any part of this diamant : the game of my life, now I can build my own wargames. The dream of a wargamer life [&o][&o][&o]


doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 6:18:24 PM)


I'm going trough them.

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 6:24:39 PM)

So you are red or blue?

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 7:00:28 PM)

I was blue [:D]: now, it's a great disaster, Red forces are everywhere : all is lost. I was too confiant in my possibilities and the IA lunched lot of offensives. Very very good game, I have to say : the fist time I am really worry face a IA.

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 9:38:20 PM)

Testing my "alternate scenarios" with the game, I have to say that the engine of ToF, in addition of WW2, would constitute with no heavy change a fabulous engine for a ww1 game. The IA is really performing and try ever to break your front or to do encirclements, keet reserves, fight in plains and valley, avoid to move and fight in high mountains, etc. If I was the boss of Wasterland, I would not wait a long time before to realize a such game : there is a real opportunity, other games (SCWW1 and Commander Great battle will not suffer comparisson : their too small maps cover the entire west front in 10 hex, not really interresting. Perhaps will I plane in the future a french West front 1914-1918 as "alternate scenario", with a large huge map (150 x 100) , for ToF (French + BEF vs Germany, from Zwitzerland to Channel, using tactical bombers as heavy arty and fighters as just reco (strat bombers out of game).

doomtrader -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/18/2012 10:04:46 PM)


So get more supporters to the idea ;-) The thread is there.
Also we need to finish the projects we are currently working on before starting the next one.

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/19/2012 9:33:49 AM)

Ok, no 14-18 for the moment. [:D] But I will try to do that with Tof. In addition, I have seen some strange modern flags in folders[8|], and it has given me some ideas for a modern war mod, with special parameters for unit, long range modern aircraft based on carriers "out of map", etc etc. This game is a very large univers.

Now, I must finish the basic modding guide and to do for CSV files what I do for const.ini explanations (these days, I will post some little other questions, but things are now more clear, I have a more better "global vision" of the modding system (too bad that we can not have the possibility to change sounds played, depending of separated countries : would be great to have the possibility to attribute special sounds to countries, like graphs. Why ? Because I plane a "Modern warfare academy mod", wich will be the same than "BLIZ WAR ACEDEMY Mod, but with jet air strike, modern armored units, etc (I will adapt graphs and sounds).

I thnik that this alternate way to play ToF in shorter scenarions, on new "theorical" maps, will be provided in 3 successive versions :
Old war academy mod = 1914-1918 units and parameters
Bliz War academy mod, for WW2 times
Modern warfare academy mod, with modern units and improved parameters

The look of the "sea map" will be improved (the look will use the "Island continent" if neede, or a "land look" if needed - founded a tip for that, to have "sea maps" that have aspect of "land map")

welk -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/20/2012 8:33:49 PM)

Long range heavy arty comes in the Blizwar mod. In the attached screen, sample of possible fire situation

Blue-land (human) side is composed of Blue-land (land forces, including arty) and Blue Air forces (AF). Red-land side (AI) has only one country.

Concerning Redland, these units are considered as integrate part of units (so, units values for Red side are a little bit improved)
Parameters for arty :

* Range fire = 3
* Strat. redeployment possible in same conditions as in vanilla game (rails)
* Individual range move= 6 (using "rebase button" with this "house rule" that human must apply in games vs AI :

For general purpose of game, all “rebasing move” of arty units must be made exactly the same as it was a normal movement capacity (no rebasing through impassible terrains, through ennemy units, through lacks and sea, etc). If there is a stream on the way, arty must stop the “rebasing move” before the stream and may continue to be rebased during the following turn only. If arty unit is “rebased” from (or into) a hex other than plain (mountain,s forest, hills, swamps, etc), the “rebasing” capacity move is divised by 2.


Magpius -> RE: Blitz War Academy mod (4/21/2012 3:58:46 AM)

Amazing work here Welk.
(I've given up for a while, almost finished all skyrim quests).

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