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kam99 -> UK Infantry (3/31/2012 12:29:44 PM)

Attached is a zip file containing a first stab at creating UK Infantry in the Force Builder. Included are the following Sections: Infantry; Anti Tank; Assault and Sniper.

I have had to take some liberties owing to the lack of UK dedicated anti tank equipment and sniper rifles. In addition, the Infantry Section is under strength due to the limit of 8 soldiers per squad.

The files should be extracted and placed in the C:\Users\(*Your User Name*)\Documents\My Games\Team Assault\Teams folder.


Rosseau -> RE: UK Infantry (4/1/2012 4:54:20 AM)

Thank you

Xerkis -> RE: UK Infantry (4/19/2012 4:25:45 PM)

I was wondering, have you made any adjustment to your force you have here?
If you have – I wouldn’t mind seeing the changes.

Rosseau -> RE: UK Infantry (4/20/2012 1:38:17 AM)

I don't understand the game enough to mod it right now. I am hoping others will study your work, though. Thanks.

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