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AceDuceTrey -> Adding Multi-modes (3/29/2012 6:25:08 PM)

In an attempt to make the game more "operationally realistic" I gave certain units two modes (ala heavy AA vice AT). But I found out that the computer AI seems to not recognize/utilize these capabilities, staying with the "basic" mode only. Could you please allow future versions of the game to incorporate this capability?

The key units that need this are:
Infantry (particularly HW)- Static/Implaced (with increased SA, HA, and close defense; but NO movement)
- Moving (as per your data?)
- RATIONALE: All infanty Bns/Regts/Bdes had support weapons organic to their TO&Es; these harder hitting/longer ranging weapons would only be available to support the infantry squads once implaced.

Artillery (with ranges =>2 hexes)- Implaced/registered (with full ranging capability, but NO movement except transport)
- Mobile/assault (with range 1 only, and restricted to SP artillery and 3"/76mm or less "manhandled" cannons)
- RATIONALE: Artillery was only capable of BOTH moving and shooting at targets they spotted for themselves; indirect fire (long range fire directed by forward observers) required the shooters to survey their position in regard to map coordinates, requiring substantial "setup" time and calculations. Also, in order to perform Final Protective Fires (i.e. defending adjacent units) required actual firing and adjusting of registration rounds from these known positions.

SP Antiaircraft Artillery- Implaced/static (with range and spotting at 1 hex; SA and HA in self defense only)
- mobile (with range 0 and spotting 1 hex; SA and HA available but AA in self defense only)
- RATIONALE: A common misperception is that SPAA could shoot at aircraft while "on the move"- NOT TRUE even with todays modern SPAA! But even more unrealistic is to allow SPAA to MOVE and engage aircraft out of their initial engagement range.

Additionally, I changed class 7 fighters to air-to-air only by setting SA, HA and NA to 0, but increasing GD; and giving them class 8 with their SA, HA and NA, but reducing GD and AD. I changed all class 9 to a 1 NA; and gave them a class 8 with their NA but reduced their GD. I also gave class 11 DDs a spotting range of 1 (for sonar) and attack range of 0; and class 12 option with spotting range 3 and attack range 2.

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