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wodin -> Question to Matrix (3/28/2012 9:48:09 PM)

Are you Graviteams publisher now or just giving providing online sales service for them?

As I expect if a publisher you can when needed join forces\advise\help out for future content when and if needed, though if just providing the sales you won't have any input at all I suppose.

IainMcNeil -> RE: Question to Matrix (3/29/2012 10:36:22 AM)

We'd like to work more closely with Graviteam to work on some of the issues here related to documentation and UI but currently we are just a distributor for this game. We don't have any real input in to what is in the game - we can either release it or not but have no input in to the content. We decided the game was too good to pass despite some of the issues mentioned.

We think without our help and guidance this could be a classic hit but obviously the developer is not keen to give up their independance or to share the revenue with a publisher. We're sure we'd increase their overall revenues more than enough to cover our costs but its a decision each developer has to take and work out what is best for their business. Often developers have dealt with bad publishers in the past and been cheated and no longer trust anyone. It's a position we were in when we were a developer and completely understand their concerns.

All I can say is that once we sign developers up and become their publisher, its very rare they decide to leave so we must be doing something right! :)

apd1004 -> RE: Question to Matrix (3/29/2012 11:13:52 AM)

I'm pleased to see Matrix is on board with it now. There is a lot of potential with this title.

xambrium -> RE: Question to Matrix (4/1/2012 11:47:11 AM)

Graviteam holds the tactical game serie close to them self but they also produce for other companys like you can see on the actual tanksim "Steel Armor". They also sayed if there is a company who want a WW2 tank sim they could produce it!

Tejszd -> RE: Question to Matrix (4/1/2012 8:37:31 PM)

Hopefully the relationship helps both companies and the customer!

- another option for purchasing; for myself I have purchased other Matrix titles and trust buying from them
- Matrix as a place and representative of the customer to take concerns/feedback back or translate it to the developer

- additional customers/revenue
- concerns/feedback to make the product better
- start of a relationship that with a distributor that hopefully benefits both sides now and down the road

- additional revenue
- start of a relationship that with a developer that hopefully benefits both sides now and down the road

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