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molotov_billy -> How do supply troops work? (3/28/2012 9:15:26 AM)

Sorry if it's covered in the manual, I couldn't find it. How are supply and repair troops supposed to work? There seem to be a couple different types, but I haven't had much luck in terms of them having an impact on the outcome of an operation. I move them adjacent to other units - but not sure if it's helping?

Most scenarios are 10 turns and under, which seems like a short amount of time for repairs/resupply to matter much. They only move one grid box per turn and are difficult to get into the correct position near a unit that's out of ammo.

AlesMrak -> RE: How do supply troops work? (3/28/2012 9:56:31 AM)

From manual :

Personnel reinforcement and vehicle repairs

Vehicles are repaired by repair platoons ( icon.) Repair platoon includes a few repair teams; each team can repair a vehicle or a single heavy weapon per turn (4-8 man-hours.) Teams automatically repair vehicles and guns up to 2 cells away. For an encircled platoon, the distance is 1 cell only.

NOTE! You can't use vehicles and guns in a battle if they are being repaired.

Vehicles can also be repaired by their crews. A four-man tank crew with 25% experience: 0.5 man-hours; 50%: 1.3 man-hours; 75% 2 man-hours. A six-man gun crew with 25% experience: 0.8 man-hours; 50%: 2 man-hours; 75% 3.2 manhours. An exhausted (or wounded) crew works much slower. An encircled squad works 2 times slower.

March platoons marked with serve as reinforcements. A conscript platoon includes several rookie units. Platoons in the adjacent cells are reinforced automatically. A used up conscript platoon is disbanded. You can set repair and reinforce priorities by a left click on unit's icon in the list. An exclamation mark will appear and the unit will be reinforced before the others. Left click again to remove the priority. Supply trucks and transport aircrafts bring ammunition and fuel from static depots . Platoons in the adjacent cells are resupply automatically.

Personnel of conscript platoons (as well as of repair and supply teams) can fight but they are equipped with light weapons only and are almost useless in a combat. If a conscript unit or repair team is destroyed, your reinforcement and repair possibilities decrease.
Transport planes can move over the whole of the battlefield (to neutral and allied cells) but only once; after that, a permanent depot appears at their landing point.

hope it helps

EDIT: Supply greatly matters in the game, if you use heavily the panzers they will run out of ammo quickly, they are essential in this game.


apd1004 -> RE: How do supply troops work? (3/28/2012 10:25:11 AM)

Sometimes you will find that supply dumps or supply trucks don't fully resupply your units, or they run out of ammo and don't supply them at all. Especially in some of the operations where you might have a supply dump surrounded and isolated from friendly lines. The developers will tell you that this is intentional because there were some logistics problems (weather, interdiction) during the Kharkov battles on both sides.

Like Dr. Jones says, some units use ammo quickly so you might want to consider using the cease fire button for some of your tanks & guns to control their fire rate so they don't burn through ammo. If you don't, they will burn through their basic load in a few minutes. I also use the cease fire button to keep my 37mm AT guns from firing on KV-1's at 500m where they definitely won't have any effect.

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