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chrisianak15 -> Racial Tech question (3/28/2012 4:15:39 AM)

Please fogive me if this is answered somewhere else, I looked but couldn't find it. When you are at war with an empire and have them against the ropes, can you force them to give you their special technology as payment for peace? I ask because I am playing a game as the securans (modded to start on continintal planets, those desert starts are murder) and I am pinned against rhe edge of the galaxy by the Dhayuts and Ikkuros. My relashionship with the ikurro is slowly improving so I might be able to get their tech the peaceful way, but the dhayuts are starting to covet my resources because I have colonies on both side of their empire and our homeworld spheres touch. I am confident I can get them against the wall if war occurs, but want to know if it will cost me the chance at their tech. My only agent is great at sabatoge, but no espionage skill, so that route is closed.

onomastikon -> RE: Racial Tech question (3/28/2012 8:18:45 AM)

I have never had any success getting anything of serious worth by enemies I have against the ropes. Most of them seem rather eager to die rather than give me their special tech.

chrisianak15 -> RE: Racial Tech question (3/28/2012 4:15:20 PM)

Darn, may not be able to get more than one level of it then. Thanks. Will just try to make peace and give them a boatload of tech right as my troops are about to land on their last planet [:D]

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