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zenkmander -> Ship design questions (3/28/2012 12:47:13 AM)

So I'm finally going to start designing my own ships and bases. I've been reading up on other design topics but I'm still confused about some things...

1. Lets say I design a frigate with 2 lasers, then later I want to change that design and remove the lasers to replace with rail guns. If the last design is still in use, how can I edit the design and have it so those ships properly retrofit to the new design with rail guns? Do I have to retire/scrap them and build the revised designs separately?

2. Just to confirm, will the AI automatically upgrade MY designs along with the default designs, or do I have to manually select and click 'Upgrade' on mine every time I research a new tech?

3. In terms of energy usage, is there any quick way to find out how much excess energy is needed to maintain full efficiency with weapons, hyperdrive, etc? I remember reading that you have to do the math manually when adding/removing reactors or your ships might only travel at 50% of max speed, etc.

4. And just as a general question, about how much do you personally take part in ship design? I've read some people only design destroyers and up, some only mining bases, and some design everything including passenger ships. Are there any major issues I should know about where custom designs are highly preferred? For example, I'm definitely going to start putting some defenses on my mining bases.

Shadow Tiger -> RE: Ship design questions (3/28/2012 2:38:58 AM)

Welcome zenkmander! There is quite a bit to keep track of when designing your own ships the first few times.

I uploaded an image (at bottom) to make this easier to see. For this example we'll assume my orignional ship is named Cossak.

1. When you want to update an existing design you can go to the design screen (F8). You want to select the ship design then click the Manually Upgrade Design button. The editor will mark the existing design obsolete (but not remove it) and bring you into the ship editor.

2. On the Designs screen there are two columns to the right labeled Upgrade and Retrofit. Both default to automatic, which will have the AI upgrade designs without your intervention. This can also cause it to remove upgrades you make yourself, since the AI will not use your design as a reference point.

Reference Image
3. In the upper right corner of the edit screen you'll see a box labeled Energy. That's the energy from your reactors, as well as energy from Energy Collectors. Note energy collectors do not work while moving, so best for bases or ships that sit in one place between missions.
The reference image doesn't show it, but current versions of the game will show your average energy usage for weapons near the bottom. And the energy used in Sprint mode is show to the right. Sprint mode is combat speed, very important. Combat ships should have at minimum enough power for the status energy, average weapon needs, energy for sprint and enough for the shield recharge rate.

4. I love the ship design side of the game myself. I tend to put most stuff on manual and update designs every so often. It can get a bit tedious to do over and over, but you can also save designs you like and reload them in another game.


zenkmander -> RE: Ship design questions (3/28/2012 3:53:53 AM)

Thanks! I started watching Das' videos and they really help too :)

PeeDub -> RE: Ship design questions (6/24/2012 7:58:15 PM)

Related question:

My design screen does not look like that. Specifically it does not have "Upgrade" or "Retrofit" columns. Any idea why?

Thanks in advance.


Fishers of Men -> RE: Ship design questions (6/24/2012 9:33:59 PM)

Welcome to the forum, PeeDub! What expansions, if any, have you installed? The Legends expansion has the additional columns in the ship design screen.

PeeDub -> RE: Ship design questions (6/24/2012 9:43:53 PM)

I've installed all expansions and am up to Legends The updater says I am up to date.

PeeDub -> RE: Ship design questions (6/24/2012 10:29:26 PM)

I just re-installed everything, and the same screen is there.

PeeDub -> RE: Ship design questions (6/24/2012 11:50:32 PM)

OK, I just figured out the screen changes are in a beta.


Does everyone pretty much just play the latest beta?

ScottenChi -> RE: Ship design questions (6/25/2012 4:53:24 PM)



OK, I just figured out the screen changes are in a beta.


Does everyone pretty much just play the latest beta?

I think so. Personally, I've played most of the beta's and never had any stability problems (IE the beta releases are pretty stable).

Beag -> RE: Ship design questions (6/25/2012 5:13:17 PM)

Neither did I. As stable as a rock.

jpwrunyan -> RE: Ship design questions (6/26/2012 2:46:43 AM)

I dont play the beta. People on these forums shouldnt assume everyone else does either. Particularly new players. Its worse than unhelpful.

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