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Koniev -> The Nimitz Strategy (3/25/2012 7:37:58 AM)

I mentioned in another thread that I was employing the Nimitz strategy. This involves bypassing the Solomon Islands and the New Britain peninsula and (although I didn't do it) the Phillipines.

The following is a list of of the bases and troops that are cut off and starving:

Guadalcanal 330 Squads Size 1120
New Georgia 441 " " 1237
Shortland 529 " " 2459
Cape Gloucester 636 " " 2416
Gasmata 324 " " 1204
Rabaul 791 " " 3561
Kavieng 219 " " 929
Truk 272 " " 862

For a short time after I took Saipan, Tinian and Guam, the AI would sneak a squadron of planes down to one of the bases but I surrounded the area with a couple squadrons of Corsairs and Avengers and Navy B-25 squadrons on bases like Lae and left them there.

Cuthalin -> RE: The Nimitz Strategy (3/25/2012 11:19:48 PM)

Whilst i like this stratergy, does it not mean that you have the potential for the Japanese to have Kamikaze Squadrons deep behind your main forces?

I presume it does trigger the Kamikaze Missions.

Koniev -> RE: The Nimitz Strategy (3/26/2012 4:33:55 AM)

No. I accomplished this before the appearance of the Kamakazi's. Now, it's too late, there are no bases close enough for the Japanese to ferry planes into any of the bases mentioned. Besides, I've subdued the Phillipines(except for North Luzon) and have just landed on Okinawa. The Japanese have too much to worry about to try to help those poor devils that are cut off. Besides, there are no ships in or around the Solomons for them to attack. All my supply is going through Saipan, Peleliu and Manila.

I should mention that I did take Buka in the Solomons. The Japanese built it up to a 6 airfield but only defended it with a single SBF so I took it away from them with 2 Divisions.

The Japanes have surrendered unconditionally in November 45. It would have gone much faster but I was too hesitant, especially after I built up overwhelming CV task forces.

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