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jimgmccarthy -> slow, eratic scrolling (3/22/2012 9:31:50 AM)

Just installed Time of Fury plus patch. Performance is poor - almost unplayable. Scrolling is extremely slow or doesn't work at all. When I take the cursor to the edge of the screen nothing happens then all of a sudden the view jumps halfway across the large game map. Drag is slow and jumps erratically. Units, buttons, tabs take 4-5 seconds to select. I have several similar games that work fine, including Forge of Freedom and Empires in Arms from Matrix, both of which use nearly identical user interface for viewing and scrolling the game map.

Vista 64 bit, 4Gb ram, Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS, latest drivers and versions of DirectX and .Net Tried XP compatibility mode, not much help - works better for a few minutes then slows down same as before.

Any help is greatly appreciated -

doomtrader -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/22/2012 9:47:45 AM)

What is your desktop resolution and what is the game resolution that you are running?
are you playing fullscreen or windowed mode?
Does it happen when the game is zoomed in or zoomed out?

jimgmccarthy -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/22/2012 10:51:19 PM)

Doomtrader - Thanks for your reply

Desktop resolution is currently 1440x900; game 1024x768 have tried other combinations with both though
playing fullscreen now, tried windowed
problem occurs both zoomed in and out

When I first load the game it works fine, but after a few operations all of the problems mentioned above begin. Sometimes they temporarily go away, but as soon as I do something besides scrolling the problems re-appear.

doomtrader -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/22/2012 11:02:19 PM)

Could you please try to turn off all the applications running in background.

jimgmccarthy -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/23/2012 11:48:37 PM)

I've been trying different things the last two days. First - disabling anti-virus and other background programs and turning off the wireless adapter did not improve the problem. But turning off all Vista visual effects (System/Advanced System Settings) causes the problem to go away about 90% of the time. I've played about 8 hours this way and scrolling is completely normal at least 60% of the time. It slows down some and gets a little jumpy another 30%, and has more serious problems maybe 10%. With visual effects off disabling anti-virus may help with the residual problems but I haven't tested it carefully enough to be sure. At any rate it is tolerable now, but it would be nice if there were no scrolling problems at all ...

doomtrader -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/24/2012 12:42:22 AM)

Hi Jim,

I would like it to be that way to.
I've got two Vista machines at the moment, and Time of Fury was not making any issues on them. IIRC one of them at the end of last year has got 8600 installed and there were no problems.
I can say more that for some time I was even using ATI X1950Pro and it was running without any problems.

jimgmccarthy -> RE: slow, eratic scrolling (3/24/2012 3:23:50 AM)


This just gives me one more reason to move to Windows 7. Vista, especially the 64-bit version, never lived up to what I thought it would be. Thanks for your help.

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