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el cid again -> RHS Tests [closed for now] (3/20/2012 9:58:24 AM)

The First Independent Artillery Company - with its gigantic railgun?
The G3M2KAI recon variant of the Nell - those setions of 9 bombers are not attack planes - they are recon planes!
What about the ability to build a G5M - as a transport or as a bomber - provided you assign an aircraft plant,
are willing to buy four engines per plane, and can afford the AI to make both?

How about the ships that were early war losses - even big ones like President Harrison are not present. Famous
to PH buffs, all the early losses are absent - or a thousand miles away on the West coast - safe from harm.
In a similar way, no less than 3 squadrons of C-47s start the war on the West Coast - but are not present in stock -
and all three show up late in the war. And note the C-47 does not even start production until 5/42 - which is when the
C-47A went onstream - but there is only one C-47 in stock - and it is not present at all when the game begins.

How about production ramping? Instead of starting with vast numbers of a plane every month - it takes time to ramp up?

Or locations that make sense out of the many "roads (and railroads) to nowhere"? With economic and/or military reasons at
those locations - as appropriate.

We also have seasons. You cannot sail to Kodiak - or Fairbanks - in winter. The ice is frozen too far South. But you can sail the Lena river in Siberia - in the fall - all the way to the navigable Arctic Ocean - or the strip of it that is water along the Northern coast of the Continent. Even to Great Bear Lake in Canada - again only in the fall. On the other hand, the Monsoon has effects on movement in places like Burma - reducing secondary roads to trails - etc.

And we have the major river systems. The most important line of communications assets in India, Burma, Thailand or China are rivers. Half the year major rivers matter in Manchukuo and the Soviet Far East - and there are river navies to contest them. The US Army commissioned warships in WWII ONLY on the Irrawaddy - in Burma.

China - and some other nations - have guerilla formations. These are more or less (it varies with type) independent of lines of supply - partly self feeding (they "live off the land supplied by the locals"). They can cut enemy LOC and tie up disproportionate numbers trying to keep the supplies flowing - although they only threaten undefended locations - being weak battalions (called regiments in most cases). There are RED and ROC flavors - and also some Viet Ming and even a Korean one led by (Soviet) Major Kim Il Song eventually. And the Dutch have a unique organized guerilla unit on Celebes as part of the organized reserve system when the war begins. Later - communist guerillas appear on major outlieing islands - and an actual Anti-Dutch Army appears on Java. It operated a minor air force. As did the Indian National Army - which is present complete with the all femal Jani of Jansi battalion - each "regiment" based on its actual OB - and date of appearance - and historical leadership (including the original one that reformed under a later incarnation of the INA). These units use British weapons - because they did.

Then there are ASW weapons - including bombs, torpedoes, sensing DC - and their standard delivery patterns (which determine
the hit probability as much as the individual device does). There was a systematic effort to make ASW better - because it wasn't good
enough - so that by late in the war - a ship liike USS Engliand - with a high experience rating - ahead throwing weapons - and large patterns -
could have a good chance of sinking per attack - something NO ship had at the start. Submarines usually were lost due to cumulative damage - not to single attacks - and there are cases on record of hundreds of DC not being enough to get the job done (the sub lived to tell the tale). The early war frustration with ASW - and the invalidity of assumptions (see Takishi Hara - Japanese Destroyer Captain - describing how he "sank" a sub which, in fact, returned to report the attack - we know he was there - but he only assumed the attack succeeded). It was believed before the war that ASW armament was adequate - but by war end the idea of tiny numbers of tiny patterns was no longer considered effective.

I have taken far too long to integrate these things into a mod that works as intended - at least at the beginning. But I need to test for
date related matters, and for the things one never thinks of players will do - to insure things work as they ought to do.

I have a tested, stable beta product needing human test validation. A Japanese start turn is ready for anyone who wants to create a reply. A Japanese player must, of course, create his own turn. This mod - called RHS - requires a separate installation - as it has its own art and pwhex files.

zuluhour -> RE: If you like the missing stuff (3/20/2012 10:52:21 PM)

highly interested in the results, however highly unqualified to test.

el cid again -> RE: If you like the missing stuff (3/21/2012 2:32:30 PM)

There is already an AAR - called RHS Test 4A - a demonstration game - where I play the Japanese vs a script based on doctrine - and what is known. Force Z simply must sail into the enemy - there was no other option considered (See The Hunting of Force Z) - and so far - it is not in any trouble! USN sorteed with cruisers and destroyers out of PH - and never mind Ozawa (who replaced Nagumo - he is the inventor of the Kiddo Butai concept) didn't leave the area - they neither found the carriers nor were found by them! Never mind four major groups went out - plus a PT strike.

There will be another - called RHS Test 4B - using the same start turn - vs a human player - as I have found a volunteer to be the Allies. I still seek a person to create a Japanese turn for yet another test thread.

el cid again -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (3/22/2012 6:37:56 PM)

We have enough (or too many) games vs Allied players.

We need an aggressive Japanese tester. Someone who will use the
airborne/airmobile capabilities built in - including long range Navy transport
versions of Nell - and you can build the G5M if you like. There also are special
units - three armored trains (besides the First Independent RR Artillery Co
which also is a train and also restricted to rail lines). There are 25 kg Uji
bw bombs for light planes - and they are nasty vs troops or cities - although
you only get the Unit 931 air element unless you build planes and convert more
air groups. There are Army ASW planes - some of them carrier planes - for
use on Army carriers of course. The plan to build a naval Ki-44 for the Army carriers
is one you can implement - if you build the planes. And Japanese armor is properly
modeled - with twice as many types of vehicles as stock.

Hortlund -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (4/6/2012 4:20:40 PM)

I think I could take the Jap side out for a spin...

Canoerebel -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (4/6/2012 8:05:14 PM)

Good to see you PH!

Hortlund -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (4/7/2012 1:21:27 PM)

Thanks, its good to be back [:)]

el cid again -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (4/8/2012 2:27:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: Panzerjaeger Hortlund

I think I could take the Jap side out for a spin...

I tried to use PM but got no reply. PM me for the installer and files required.
A new set is ready for test (series 5) and we want one of the games to
have a different Japanese player.

Xilana -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (5/7/2012 12:28:51 AM)



el cid again -> RE: RHS Tests [Allies closed - Japanese open] (5/9/2012 7:37:21 PM)

Yes - and the various files involved are uploaded to your email address.

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