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ancient doctor -> air units for training (3/19/2012 8:07:23 PM)

Hallo once again

I am wondering how do you exp. players choose which groups to use for training of the new pilots.Are those in home islands-restricted ones-suitable for?If yes what's the detail behind the training procedure?How many planes/pilots per group,what settings for every training type?Should I add a couple of high level pilots as instructors per group or its just an urban myth?How many pilot groups per type of plane for a medium to high intensity warfare?
In the editor it seems that later on some groups arrived checked as training,does that make any difference in the procedure?

Miller -> RE: air units for training (3/19/2012 8:13:34 PM)

Yes there are plenty of restricted groups for the Japs to use for training. Just fill to the brim with the most obsolete planes and pilots, set whatever skill you want trained to 100%, range 0.

Some people insist on a leader with high skill in charge along with a couple of high exp pilots in the group........however I have not noticed any benefit from doing so.

SqzMyLemon -> RE: air units for training (3/19/2012 9:32:59 PM)

I echo what Miller has said, except in my experience having an 80+ experienced pilot in my training units does tend to make a difference. That, or the fact I choose a unit leader with a high inspiration rating.

aphrochine -> RE: air units for training (3/19/2012 9:59:46 PM)

From my experience, pilots with less than 50 Exp train at the same speed regardless of experienced pilots or leaders presence. However, if you plan on training beyond 50 exp, up to 60 exp for example having those 80+ pilots in there is beneficial.

I'm not sure why the high inspiration leader. Perhaps to keep morale up or fatigue low. Not sure. You can keep your fatigue low for the super noobies (less than 40 exp) with training at 70% or so. Range 0 as said above.

Both sides have plenty of restricted units. In the early going for the Allies, you need a huge first generation of trained I use many unrestricted units for training until mid-42 when my infrastructure and AV support on the front line allows for more forward deployment.

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