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slug71a -> Tatsinkaya scenario DLC '42 (3/19/2012 1:22:06 PM)

Did anyone else find this scenario near impossible? My core force lost some experienced troops in the Stalingrad scenarios, but was still a force to be reckoned with. However, no matter how I set up or what strategy I used, most of my army was decimated by turn 7 or 8....with little to no prestige left. Every Russian tank unit I came up against was no less than a 3 star unit. Aircraft were the same. The only way I was able to achieve a marginal victory was through the use of added experience and prestige via the cheats......something I've never done before. It was very frustrating. At the very least, you should have the option to withdraw from the field of battle. Anyone else have luck with this scenario??? What was your strategy?

KerenskyLI -> RE: Tatsinkaya scenario DLC '42 (3/26/2012 2:45:35 PM)

This is the hard path of DLC 1942, the other choice to remain in Stalingrad instead of breaking out is the easier campaign path.

If you are really struggling with this hard mode scenario, you can sort of withdraw from the field. At the start of the scenario, just don't deploy your CORE units. The Soviets will overrun the field, and you'll be handed a loss. That loss is NOT the end of the world though. You will still have your CORE force saved at the end of the DLC, and you will still be able to import that CORE into DLC 1943 should you choose to continue your Grand Campaign.

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