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Micha63 -> Michas Chotusitz (3/18/2012 9:50:55 AM)

Hi, this is my small AAR for the "chotusitz" scenario. This game is really a different kind of Stratgaming , you have use to it.
I wonder how long this scenario was, as i remember rigth 4 or 5 hours. But its a good change from "People General ",
my maingame.
Sorry when i do not post a big story about the scenario playing but you should see the result in the screenshots.
Thanks to the gamedesigner for the fun.




PrinzHenrich -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/18/2012 3:17:25 PM)

Who win, what sides you choose?

Micha63 -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/18/2012 8:05:20 PM)

Hi Prinzheinrich,
thats michael from germany, nice to meet you here.

I playd the prussian site and had a marginal victory.

Let me say this game is really great. Ok, some minor issues like the althrough activating of the commanders and the low resolution graphic but thats
not really a problem. I think this game will be set on the list of my favorite games and through the years i will play every scenario. Its long time ago
that i felt passion for a game , the last one was "Field of glory " which i found 2 years before.
2 Questions please :

Is there a screenshotcaptureprogramm which works for this game ?

Is it possible to get the scenariomaps whithout units as bmp Pictures ?

Thank you


PrinzHenrich -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/19/2012 10:29:14 PM)

Glad to met you too,
DOn't know about programs caputers screens but I think it is possible I was able to make video on fraps from the game but not from editor.
2nd) there is no bmp graphic files only TGA and if you have enough time you can edit it. If you wanna to check it, I had made extra Saxons units for some my scenario., Remember to download the patch 1.12

Micha63 -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/20/2012 7:36:33 AM)

thank you for tips. How can i edit tga files and is it possible to render tga to bmp ?
How can i find the patch and your scenario ?

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/21/2012 8:12:13 PM)

Nope, you can't made tga as bmp, but you can edit tga in gimp for ex. My scenarios are avaible at sub-forum Mod ect.//
Patch are avaible here:

Micha63 -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/21/2012 9:56:07 PM)

Thk you for tips, i had a first look on your scenarios, good work. I moved the scenarios to the torgau scenariofolder
to start it. Is it possible to create a new folder , for ex. usermade scenarios and see this in the scenario menue ?
By the way i create for years campaigns and scenarios for the game "People general ".

I could imagine to create scenarios for this game in the future. Any ideas for which conflicts ?

Best regards


I must confess i going to fall in lofe with this game.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/23/2012 10:52:54 PM)

Of course you can make folder for scenarios "New One" or something like that.

Micha63 -> RE: Michas Chotusitz (3/24/2012 12:19:49 AM)

Sorry, of course Love !
Thank you, every help for a better english is wellcome.

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