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US Brake -> Cross of Iron Update? (3/15/2012 10:07:38 AM)

It's great to see all the updates for the "other" Matrix CC games.

The two biggest problems with COI that need to be addressed are:

1. Anti-Tank Gun Bug

2. Soldiers automatically taking cover when under fire.

I understand how someone came up with the new feature, taking cover under fire... but it is too extreme change from the original style of the game. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time but it is not good. Troop management was taxing enough the old way, now a player has to give ten times the orders they used to just to get a unit to rush across a street.

If I am in a situation where I want my troops to assault the nearby enemy team in hand to hand, in the old version they would rush acroos open ground and bayonett, stab, and pistol whip them in no time. Now I give them orders to rush an enemy team, and they just lie down, I order them again. They stand up get shot, and lay down again, until dead.

Please Matrix. Fix my game.

Steve McClaire -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/15/2012 3:37:55 PM)

Thanks for the feedback.  An update to Cross of Iron has been discussed, but no specific date has been announced yet.

US Brake -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/15/2012 6:05:47 PM)

I'm in the middle of a 15 day Op stock game as russians today. I witness the at gun bug on both my team and the germans at the same time. I can't shoot at his gun because my guys are trying to drive in a building. The german at gun was in the open! Spinning uncontrollably for the first 4 mins of the game he cant shoot me. I guess you could say the bug is balanced.

I can't play h2h in gameranger without the patch. I can't play the game right with the patch. This bug has ruined this game since last summer that's why I didnt play it in the fall.

I want to know as soon as possible if this is going to be addressed. I have been patient for months. I've been reporting this bug since the week the mega-patch came out. Not one time has anyone said "oh ya that's a major Bug and we are aware of it and have plans to fix it. I can't imagine how this could have been overlooked in testing, its so blatent, so obvious, and how the hell can you play h2h as russia vs germany without anti-tank guns?

I want to enjoy this game, it seems to me this issue should be an easy fix since it didn't occur before the mega-patch.


soldier1 -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/17/2012 10:15:31 AM)

I Purchased COI about a year ago but gave up on it very quickly. For me the major concerns are that 4 battles into the main campaign the soviets only throw heavy KV's and T- 34's at you, which seems to be an old issue from the first incarnation. I expect large numbers of heavy tanks in Operation Uranus in late 42 but not at Moscow in 41. Sure theres a realistic combat and behaiour system but it means little to me because the OOB is so innacurate. The "limited tanks mod" i was told to D/L just removes these vehicles altogether which is actually worse than the original issue. The AI buy routine needs fixing
The other issue is that AT weapons or 88's just vaporise, sometimes split seconds into the battle and must be kept on defend and out of line of site (which obviously limits there usefulness somewhat), this is another old issue which just exacerbates the tank problem.

The game is also painfully unsupported even compared to the other versions (which i will not buy). For what its worth, I'd like these issues looked at.
I may check back again in 2013

US Brake -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/17/2012 12:06:42 PM)

Have you tried any of the Mods yet? It seems your issues are tied to the nature of the old stock GC. There are nearly 30 mods for COI and many different GC's you can play. Easy to install. Keep in mind that they made efforts to improve the AI but no one can make it good in this engine. Playing the AI just something to do when you don't have a live opponent.

One thing to keep in mind about COI is that it is easy to play, and hard to master. If your new to the game, don't get frustrated at some of the bad things that happen to you through in the normal course of play. That whole psych model makes troops on both sides do all kinds of things that will blow your mind or put you in a rage, you will find once you get familiar with the game you will start to see how unique it is.

Here is an up to date forum thread that lists all the COI Mods and Grand Campaigns.

soldier1 -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/17/2012 3:52:45 PM)

I did try one of the mods for the GC. ost front or dreaded 88's one but I still notice the soviets fielding 4 or 5 T-34's and KV's in every battle from late 41 on. So i'm not complaining about the AI so to speak just its crazy buying routines. Its something i noticed and began to read about in older forums as an existing issue in the old verison of CC3, so if patches are on the table it needs looking into.
It also doesn't help when i have to keep my AT guns on defend/ambush and hidden out of site behind the front, when there are heavy tanks roaming about. (its not a good combination). Its something else i noticed that appears to be a well documented issue (from way back) that is still troubling the newer versions of CC. Again if they are looking into patching these older bugs (something i hope for but doubt) this one really should get repaired.

To be honest i didn't really get into MP for this game as it was not always easy finding players and besides i wanted to play through the campaign, I do like the game and did d/l most of the mods but at the moment I've moved onto other games (some of which have had a more genuine facelift).

US Brake -> RE: Cross of Iron Update? (3/17/2012 7:04:00 PM)

They may have made the guns weaker to keep from overpowering the tank game.

This is what happens when you get in Keith Z's data [:-] [:D]

next thing you know a dude named SLAAKAFLACK shows up.

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