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jimgmccarthy -> How's the AI? (3/12/2012 5:24:54 AM)

I don't see any general discussion thread for this game and this looks like the only thread that has much activity at all, so: I haven't bought the game yet but from what I've read it sounds pretty good. The steep learning curve seems to be the biggest drawback, but with a decent AI a new player might get enough feel for the game to not make a complete fool of himself once he joins a PBEM. How good is the AI? Thanks for any input ...

pzgndr -> RE: How's the AI? (3/12/2012 3:50:19 PM)

The AI is pretty good for learning the game. From personal experience having never played the boardgame, it takes quite a while just to learn the game mechanics and understand the basic strategies and strengths/weaknesses of each of the seven Major Powers. The AI has its weaknesses but it will provide sufficient challenge for a new player for a while. Even after several years I am still surprised by some AI moves, but moreso by mistakes that I continue to make and the AI takes advantage of. I still find it entertaining to a point, even playing Prussia or Austria and marching into Paris by 1809 if not sooner.

I'll go back to emphasizing the time needed to play and learn each Major Power. Every country is different and has unique capabilities. Austria has Insurrection corps. Turkey has Feudal corps. Spain has Guerrillas. Prussia can save manpower points for a rainy day. France and Russia have Artillery corps. Britain has its navy and naval options. So it takes time (months, years?) to understand how to use all these different features, and how they could be used against you in a game. I continue to find the learning journey to be enjoyable, despite some of the final results playing against the AI. I do get bored with the AI silliness now, but that comes from playing the game and getting past that learning curve.


I don't see any general discussion thread for this game

You must be really new! If you set the Display Topics filter to All Topics, not the default 365 days, you'll find plenty of discussion. This game isn't affectionately called "Empires in Arguments" for nothing. [;)]

jimgmccarthy -> RE: How's the AI? (3/12/2012 7:47:49 PM)

Thanks! I think I'll give it a try.


You must be really new!

Yes, just joined the Matrix forum yesterday. I set the Display Topics to All, but I still don't see any threads under Empire in Arms that have a lot of activity ... Didn't see any recent Empire related posts under the Matrix General Discussion thread either. Seem to be active PBEMs though; maybe in a month or so I'll be ready to give that a try.

La Provence -> RE: How's the AI? (3/23/2012 10:55:29 PM)

I play Prussian against Hard AI oponents.

France at war with Austria and GB.
The french corps don't move for more than 15 month (except against one Gb intrusion) !!!
Austria take Bavaria.

I conquered 75% of the minor german + Danemark...... Napoleon never moved !

[&:] Is that the AI ???

NeverMan -> RE: How's the AI? (5/15/2012 6:16:10 PM)

The AI is horrible and always will be, it's not a game meant for AI play.

Omnius -> AI = Artificial Ignorance (6/22/2012 3:32:27 PM)

AI means Artificial Ignorance. There has never been a really good AI in all the games I've played over the past 30 years or more. Just too difficult to program in how we humans see the map and consider strategy. The biggest problem with AI's is the concept of AI's needing to be busy, this has been an industry fallacy. In EiA the AI's are just too busy, especially in winter. The AI is good for expediting learning the game by being able to focus on one country and learning the game mechanics and where the buttons are and what they do.

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