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Treefrog -> newbie questions (3/12/2012 12:54:27 AM)

I just purchased and downloaded the patch, but my game version just shows 1.05.

how does one know if the patch is actually working with the game? GGWBTS actually shows the version you are playing, but I don't see anyplace here to find that.

is there anyway to shrink the playing screen so you can access the PDF file on rules? the ingame question button doesn't allow search.

pzgndr -> RE: newbie questions (3/12/2012 3:23:56 PM)

The start menu should clearly indicate Version 1.08, and Version 1.08.07 in smaller print.

I suspect you may still have the v1.05 version separately installed and your desktop shortcut pointing to that old version? I would recommend uninstalling any old version(s) and doing a clean install of the original game plus the comprehensive standalone patch. You may already have a clean install under a default \Matrix Games folder and just need to update your shortcut.


Treefrog -> RE: newbie questions (3/12/2012 9:18:33 PM)

how does a non computer person update that?
I have installed the patch directly in the "EIA" file and also in the "setup" folder within the EIA file; turned off the computer and turned back on and still on version 1.05.

pzgndr -> RE: newbie questions (3/16/2012 1:08:48 AM)

If you right-click your EiA shortcut and select Properties, you can verify where the installation is? If things are still not working, again I'd recommend uninstalling whatever you have (go to Control Panel and Uninstall Program), reboot, and reinstall again. Without knowing more I'm not sure what else to recommend. This is supposed to be easy now! [;)]


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