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Gas Can -> Possible bugs on fleet operations and AI expansions. (3/9/2012 5:49:13 AM)

I'm playing legend and there are probable two bugs needed to be fixed.

When sending my overwhelming fleet to engage a system defended by a few spaceports, the fleet fail to hyper-jump together, thus not arriving at the destination in the same time. What's worse, no matter how hard I tried to control them, the ships always got spread thin during the battle. You would see while half of the fleet are attacking the large spaceport on the left, the rest are pursuing enemy frigate on the right. So by fighting in the wrong way, none of my ships are left, so the AI must not be right.

Often the AI empires would not expand. Even when I have a dozen of systems, the AI empire which was as large as mine at the beginning remains its two colonies.

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